Friday, April 21, 2006

The Zen of Froggin'

An old adage says, "There are three items you can’t take back—a spent arrow, a word spoken in anger and a lost opportunity.” As I sit here lounging at the frog pond, I realize that isn’t it nice we can tink and frog and correct our mistakes?

Don’t get me wrong I get as teary eyed as the next person when I have to destroy something I’ve worked so hard on. But isn’t it nice, if you want to, you can redo it the right way?

The “inner knitter” has been trying to teach me this lesson all week and I have been resisting with all my might. But yesterday I had to ask myself, “Why?”

Is it really better to stubbornly try and fix a mistake that I know I will have to come back and rip out later? So yesterday I accepted tinking back five rows with a smile knowing that this too is part of the process.

I may not still like it…and I may still cry from time to time…but it is nice to know a mistake in my knitting is one of the things in life that I can take back and fix when the need arises. And that knowledge makes me smile. :)

Happy crafting,

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