Thursday, April 13, 2006

Follow Your Heart

Praying Rocks, originally uploaded by Ruinwen.

There is an Irish folktale about a mortal who was given the chance go hunting with the "wee folk". He was given a fairy steed and the choice to have the horse become big or for him to become small to ride it. He chose to become small so he could ride with the fairies. He and the fairies went galloping around until he came to a wall so huge that he didn't think his tiny noble steed could carry him over. The Fairy King, seeing the mortal's hesitation, said, "Throw your heart over the wall, then follow it!" So the man rode fearlessly at the wall, with his heart already bravely past it, and went safely over.


I’ve been feeling called lately to design knitting patterns. I ignored the summons for as long as I could because I thought maybe I had heard my inner voice wrong.

But finally the “voice” turned into a roar and now I am listening. I have thrown my heart into my work after much meditation and prayer and I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing.

Yoda said, “Do or do not there is not try.”

So this is not a whim that I will “try” and see how it works out, but rather I will give it my all and pour my heart and soul into it and see what happens.

I have been having fun working on the Laurene shawl design, which I am dedicating to my Mom. I have been working with different twisted stitches to honor her arthritis. I wanted to show how the shawl is still beautiful just like my Mom. I’ve also been working with different flowers to put next to the hearts.

It is fun to work out each piece and slowly see it all come together. I hope to make a swatch by the end of the month. I’m going to see what it looks like with lace weight yarn first. I hope that works because it is ideal for someone who doesn’t like a lot of weight on different areas of the body.

So as you see I really am following my heart on this one! My next goal after the shawl design is tested and completed will be something with more lace I’m sure!

Happy Crafting,


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