Sunday, April 16, 2006

Right-Slanting Decreases

So I've begun the process of swatching for the Laurene Shawl. I was trying to find a pattern that worked for the hearts. I wanted them coming out from one another but the left side looked so much different then the right that I frogged the whole thing and began again...many times.

There are so many left-slanted decreases but most books say the K2tog is the only right-side decrease one will ever need. In this situation I disagree. So I tried this one and I have no snappy way to abbreviate it:

K1, Sl knitwise, return the slip to the left-hand needle keeping the stitch twisted, pass the knitted stitch in the same manner to the left needle, now PSSO the slipped stitch over the knit stitch, and finally slip the knit stitch purlwise back to the right-hand needle

Can you believe I can do that really fast now? But the main thing is, I really like it. Everyone I've shown it to likes it so these are the side hearts. Yeah!

I really like designing it is very freeing trying all those combinations until you find something you like.

I'm wondering if I should use that stitch on my Serenity Chain Lace Scarf design? I may have to try that. By the way I taught that class yesterday and it was so much fun! The woman enjoyed herself so much she gave me a hug!

In that moment I knew that this was where I am supposed to be...I am so glad I listened to my inner voice!

Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays,

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