Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy First Day of Spring!

Consciousness is the basis of all life and the field of all possibilities. Its nature is to expand and unfold its full potential. The impulse to evolve is thus inherent in the very nature of life.
-- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Happy Ostra / Welcome Spring!

This is a mat for my healing altar made from sari silk. I figure that the mat and I have suffered enough that the love and dedication that I have towards the people I put on this should benefit. I have never used sari silk before so mine may be unique. The joins are wound around bits of wood which have stabbed me in so many places now that I think donning some chain mail armor is in order.

But the colors are so lovely and varied that I forgive the wood joins. Just seeing the final product gives me great joy. I equate this project to all the experiences that didn’t quite go as planned. Our trials, tribulations and successes are all tied together sometimes by pain other times by understanding and wisdom. These different fabrics of our being make us who we are today. So instead of dwelling on the difficult times we should focus on the whole picture for each of us is a beautiful creation with colorful differences that make us special; unique.

Here is how QOH is evolving. The stark contrast of fibers between the healing mat and this shawl are almost unnerving. The Schaffer is so soft and luscious that my hands sing to knit it. I am in love with this project and it is my reward at the end of the day.

Here is a bit of beading from a class I taught today. And if I have not sung the praises enough of my DH I will take a moment to do so. After much stringing and nary any serenity when my threader jumped ship last night, my DH came in at 5 am and finished stringing all my beads. Thank you, thank you and a thousand times thank you. I am so blessed. :)

This is an easy pattern but the rayon is slippery beyond belief and the beads will drive you a bit loco until you find your rhythm. Once you do, the whole thing flows like the tides and is quite enjoyable. You can get this kit at

I finished the basket weave scarf for the wonderful guy who orders all my parts at work. He loved it. :)

I am still waiting for visible signs that winter is truly over for another year. I’m hoping Phil just didn’t freak out at a new handler and want to get back to bed. :)

But seriously…thank you to all you bloggers who have posted their flowers sprouting forth in beautiful colors…I will enjoy spring vicariously through your pages for now and deep in my heart.

Bright blessings and happy crafting,


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

“To know how to choose a path with heart is to learn how to follow intuitive feeling.”
-- Jean Shinoda Bolen

Isa is the ice rune in the Nordic tradition. When you draw Isa then you know it is a time to stand still and go within. Winter is the time to use what you've squirreled away over the year and contemplate the lessons you have learned.

On the verge of spring having an ice storm made me reexamine my life's path and do quite a bit of self-introspection. If you asked me what I wanted to grow up and be I would always say a healer. But healing for pay has always been so hard for me because the people who came to me could rarely pay and I didn't ask them.

But when my family was created I needed a steady income and healing got put to the back burner. I would say I still lay hands, prepare tinctures or essences or send reiki at least once a week but all of this is because I love to give of myself and nothing more.

Well last night I dreamed that I needed to make a resume and go see another healer that might be looking for a reiki healer. I forgot while Mom and Dad were both in the nursing home that I had been given her card and only just found it yesterday.

So it seems although other bloggers have flowers and colors I have ice and snow and now I know why. I forgot to use what I had been given to create the path I am supposed to be on. So I will spend the week copying my certificates and polishing up my resume and make an appointment to see this healer and see what happens. It never hurts to try right?

In knitting news I finally figured out how to do Fair Isle. I know all you seasoned FI knitters are saying there is nothing to figure…but I could never get the twisting of colors right to avoid holes.

Every year for Ostra (1st day of spring) I make a container of sorts for my goals and aspirations for the coming year. I take a word or phrase that embodies each goal and by way of numerology turn it into a color. This year I made rows of simple Fair Isle for each color. I know this may look easy peasy but I am proud as punch of my accomplishment!

So with a new path in sight and a new technique learned I'm ready for spring now…please?

Happy Crafting,


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Room For a Positive View

“I can change. I can live out my imagination instead of my memory. I can tie myself to my limitless potential instead of my limiting past.”
-- Stephen Covey

This is the poncho I am making for the Fair. I really think it looks nice with the fancy ribbon in it. But truthfully, I hate knitting with ribbon that has holes or railroads in it. The needle keeps getting stuck and I curse a lot. I've tried to change this negative view because the result is so lovely. I guess the lesson is that even though adding these little touches is a great big pain and takes twice as long, the result is worth the effort. Kind of like most things in life. :)

These last few weeks have been like that. There were times when I just wanted to give up and have a piety party for myself but I kept trying to stay positive and lo and behold after Mercury went back into place on Wednesday everything was suddenly okay. So on the next row of ribbon I will remember that the sweet Patons is only 10 rows ahead of me and everything will work out okay in the end.

What does not destroy me, makes me stronger. Friedrich Nietzsche

Remember that Kool Aid I dyed a while ago? Well, I decided it would look great as a drop stitch scarf. It is actually quite long. I went over the three foot mark thinking it wouldn't be long enough. *ooops*. Well I was wrong...and it is more then adequate...but if you wrap it around and then loop it in itself it looks really cool. I hope at least someone at Fair thinks so.

Two goals down for the month already *yeah me*.

Also, DH and I revamped the blog today. I really like the new drop and drag aspect of Blogger.

Have a nice weekend.


Monday, March 05, 2007

March Goals

I forgot about recording my goal list until about 2 am…so without further ado…

* Keep on working on Bridget's clapotis - I try and do at least 2 rows a night, usually more – haven’t been getting to bed early enough
* Finish both Valentine's Day gifts – did three: dragon, sheep and drop stitch
* Start that poncho for Fair – didn’t start
* Finish blanket for Fair – 1/3 done
* Keep working on tank for LYS – still coming out wonky
* Do another pattern repeat on QOH shawl – didn’t do

In other words I really missed the mark this month. :(

I did complete two classes with patterns so I guess that counts for something. And things have been hectic so I will cut myself a little slack.

* Finish drop stitch scarf for Fair
* Start poncho for Fair
* Finish beaded necklace (this will take me all month)
* Keep on working on blanket for Fair
* Work on clapotis once a week
* Finish basket weave scarf for nice guy
* Design a cell phone case

A lot of these are little projects…if my mind doesn’t wander then I should be okay.

I’m really going to try and focus myself on these projects…I want to get back to QOH too. But I’m not going to stress things and just try and do the best I can while using the yarn I have.

Happy crafting,


Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Bit of Beading

I managed to get a row of beading done using a size 14 crochet needle. This is the top of a choker and I added a bead and then knit a stitch. I'm going to do another row of beads and then do my decrease for my center triangle...

I was pretty proud that even with BIL's kids here I was able to manage a whole row of 84 beads. I've got to hand it to him being there for both kids the way he is...and he cleans up son said, "Mom, can we keep him?" :)

So that is my little update. We've got the Grandparents and my sis on her the house is full and not much else will get done today.

Happy crafting,


Saturday, March 03, 2007


The purpose of relationships is not happiness, but transformation."
-- Andrew Schneider

I haven't actually had a profound quote post in a while due to lack of time and focus so bear with me.

My DH pulled out his back pretty bad and has slowly been recovering. I am more then happy to do everything because he has always been there for me...but it does leave me a bit more tired then usual. (See below project and you can guess what I've been drinking boat loads of). :)

My BIL moved in with us and again I am happy to be able to have a home that has enough rooms to be a haven for others in need....but again all this testosterone is a little exhausting... :)

But in the midst of all this chaotic change is the strength of a community. The little cardinal in the tree reminded me of how people bring light and color and beauty to difficult times. I am so blessed to have wonderful family and friends. But this year I realized as people helped me in every way possible to lighten the temporary heavy load, that my community is like a warm blanket of love and support that I really only recently discovered.

Being in the center of town I meet a lot of wonderful caring people, where my son goes to school are the most beautiful giving people...just like all you wonderful knitters uplift and cheer me up daily with your comments and blogs.

Suddenly I feel transformed and light as if everything will be okay no mater what and that is a wonderful feeling.

So from the nice person who lets me in when I'm trying to merge into traffic to the cheerful person who answered my call at the IRS and made everything clear with a smile...and everyone in between...thank you for being there when I needed you. :)

I do believe that my blood is half coffee and half chai but whatever your is a little cozy for your cup. It is made to go over the cardboard holder and keep your precious crafting hands from accidently hitting the cup. A simple little stash buster...

So I am off to ram beads on a crochet needle and we'll see what comes of that...

Happy crafting,