Wednesday, April 05, 2006

You've gotta Have Faith

Butter Baby Socks, originally uploaded by Ruinwen.

Isn't it amazing how the mess on the left will transform into the bootie on the right?

Knitting never seeks to astound me! I remember the first time I knitted booties. I wondered how this (see left bootie to be) would ever become anything but a failed WIP. But after picking up the rows a little nubbly thing emerged. Somehow all that weirdness was necessary for the yarn to become a bootie.

Lace never stops confounding and amazing me also. You do all those YOs and K2tog and other decreases/increases and suddenly a pattern emerges from the fabric. Wow!

Kinda like Spring. See flower in picture for proof. it is really cold today and it actually flurried this morning but signs still point to the fact it is actually...Spring. There is a cold little robin on the lawn and even though the flowers have closed up, they are still there.

They believe while I am a bit unsure. I was doubtful that I would make it home today when wires fell over the road due to the high winds. But I had faith that my car at least has more sense then I do and hoped that the three people I asked (all with different routes) knew what they were talking about. And see, I made it home in time to spare to take a picture and post a bit.

I've found as of late that when a pattern is asking the impossible of you, don't look with human eyes. Look through the eyes of your inner knitter (that is if the pattern has been tested) and follow the pattern or your heart (a pattern is only a suggestion anyway) and you will achieve your goal.

Happy crafting,


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