Friday, November 16, 2007

Yule Sweater #1

Yule Sweater #1, originally uploaded by Ruinwen.

This sweater is for my niece and it is a very enjoyable knit. The yarn is Patagonia Nature. I'm normally not a fan of fat/thin yarns but I love this one. And boy is it soft!

I was running out of pink and my LYS just happened to have two balls of purple (her second favorite color) in stock. So I thought the pink looks like stripes anyway why not add some purple? I think it is turning out great . If I have some time this weekend I hope to get a huge chunk of it done. It would be nice to finish before Thanksgiving so I can start on Yule sweater #2.

Happy crafting,


Monday, November 12, 2007

Stupid is as Stupid Does

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm
not sure about the former." -Albert Einstein

Fall Lace Shawl

Here is a picture of my shawl I made for fall and never got to wear. It lives at the shop where the owner was nice enough to block it and bring out the loveliness of the yarn. I really enjoyed this knit. It was made with Ironstone yarns and was an exercise in increasing and decreasing in a lace pattern.

Fall Lace Shwal

So I get the stupid award today for booking a full day of work on a day we have off. Since I booked it then I needed to be here for I lost one of the eight days I get a year because I was neglectful of the schedule. :(

I wanted to thank everyone that sent good thoughts and prayers to my family. I wanted to also thank everyone who said they would come and knit, crochet or sew at Starbucks. I only wish we lived closer.

I'm working on a top down sweater now and having a lot of fun with it. This is one of the three sweaters that I am making for Yule. I think I will be done with it at the end of the week since it has been such an easy, enjoyable knit. I will post it when I'm done.

Have a wonderful day!


Friday, November 09, 2007

Ear Flap Hat c'est Fini!

Top of Hat

I just love this hat! It fits me perfectly...though it really is too big for my son. He wants one of his own now too. I really enjoyed this knit. His will make up even quicker then this one.

Side of Hat

Now I know that my snowflakes came out a bit wonky...but it is the thought that counts right? And one goal down! if I can just find someone to knit with me at Starbucks...

Front of Hat

Mom says a big "thank you" to all those in blog land sending her good thoughts. Also thank you for your words of encouragment, you all are the best. :)

Have a super weekend!


The Hat That Woke Me Up

A person asked Buddha:
“Are you a God?”
Buddha’s reply was
“Are you an Angel?”
“Then what are you?”
“I am Awake.”
-- Unknown Source

I try to be an aware person. I listen to my body and try to give it what it needs to keep going. My soul craves the simplest of things: family & friends (including furry ones), Pokemon or gaming in general, knitting and coffee.

Right now I’m a little addled by things beyond my control so I dug up my hat. I started a hat a while back and never really got very far. I made one ear flap and saw that I would have to join it in and freaked out. Why? I don’t know. But into the bag for later it went, and I’m just digging it out a year later.

Last night I made the other flap and joined the whole thing in the round. It was on the needle, flaps and all in less time then it took for my son to dawdle about getting into a bath. There was no fear it was all so simple and fun to do. I’m working in Knit Picks Swish Superwash which is 100% Superwash merino wool in dark navy and deep ocean and I’m loving every stitch of it.

This hat is just the thing I needed to get me back on track while everything around me goes out of my control. I don’t even care that I’m going to have to go back and mend a hole at the join. It is all part of the process. And it shows that I’ve grown as a knitter…I hope as a person. I believe that the two are intertwined…like each stitch of this hat.

I think I’ll decorate it with some contrasting embroidered snow flakes for Bridget my Patron Goddess. Something simplistic…like a cup of miso soup on a cold day. A little bit of whimsy that lets my child-within out to play…with no rules in sight. A simple balm for my soul…

If I could beg a favor of you, please keep my family in your thoughts…they all are going through a rough time right now and this is really all I can do to help them. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ruinwen, who hopes to have a finished hat by the end of the weekend...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Always at the Very Last Minute

Our Pumpkins, originally uploaded by Ruinwen.

“It is while trying to get everything straight in my head that I get confused.”

-- Mary Virginia Micka

I love my little squat white pumpkin. I thought it very ghost-like for All Hallow's Eve. >^..^<

I took Samhain off this year to get my life in order and feel like I have a little bit of control again. And it worked. I have found my center even if I am still a day late and a dollar short with everything it doesn't change who I am...and I will always be a gal who does everything important last minute and by the seat of her pants...its in my genes...imbedded in the very fabric of my dna.

Speaking of fabric...I just finished a shawl that I really enjoyed making and totally never got a shot of before it went to live at the LYS. So I have been knitting. This month I am not starting any new projects. I need to complete a few of these WIP' the hat I was designing in the spring. It has gotten cold enough here that I wish I had a hat. And I could wax forever about why I waited until the last minute to work on it...but you see its who I am.

Ah well, I hope to have something nice to show you after I finish the blanket from hell. I hate that some designers don't check their drives me from here to next Tuesday when a pattern is wrong. So DH and I sat at Mc Donalds and charted this blanket after I ripped it out. Mc Donalds is one of my favorite places to figure out patterns 'cuz my son can happily play while DH helps me from going insane.

So said blanket has been ripped, recast and two repeats have been successfully done from my new chart. The LYS owner is happy with my results thus far but truly I'm just not feeling it.

So since I don't do so well with goals that are high in number I will pick three:
1. Finish this blanket so I can work on another WIP
2. Go to Starbucks and knit by their roaring fire while drinking something yummy
3. At least find my hat and pattern and see where the heck I am

So, until next time...happy crafting!


Fun on the Hay Slide

Fun on the Slide, originally uploaded by Ruinwen.

October really was fun even though it went so quickly and DH was sick for most of it. My sweet son was supposed to go to the pumpkin patch with his daycare but it was rained out...twice! So we took him and he had a blast. The corn maze was enough to do me time I'm bringing some food, a compass and a map. lol We got an awesome pumpkin pie fresh out of the oven...oh it was so good! And we bought some yummy pumpkin bread too. All in all it was a nice day, the rain held out and my son had a lovely trip. Later on they tried for a third trip at daycare and he did go again...bringing me a lovely pumpkin...

I've made pumpkin pasta which was really good and heated up really nicely with a bit of cream to reliquify everything. We made pumpkin bread that really is more like bread pudding or pumpkin pie without a crust. I had so much pumpkin left over I put it all in there...but it came out delish. I still have to make an actual pumpkin pie. I need to find some new things to do with pumpkin. lol :)

Fair Socks & Scrubbies

Fair Socks & Scrubbies, originally uploaded by Ruinwen.

Here is my socks in all their glory. One nice lady told me if it was October she would have bought some socks. "Hello" it is October...oh well. My sister's wonderful scrubbies that play on our family heirloom pattern are the best. I love, love, love mine! :)

Our Booth For Fall Fest

Our Booth For Fall Fest, originally uploaded by Ruinwen.

So catching up on is our booth at Fall Fest. There was no one behind us which allowed for a wonderful breeze. Unfortunately the day was in the high 90's. I got heat stroke and was absolutely miserable. On the up side we had fun and sold enough to make back the tent, food and a little profit. :)