Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Okay I've been totally AWOL and you would laugh if I told you why...but in any case I've been having a lot of fun.

So since I have three people that I promised to do their Memes...here they are for your enjoyment. :)

First from the sweet Bianca...7 funny/different truths about me.

1. Coffee is my elixir of sanity...I worship at Starbucks as often as I can.
2. I raise Pokemon on my DS and happily trade them all over the world for fun.
3. I love merino...just holding it will make me smile.
4. I am addicted to Christine Feehan books.
5. I love Halloween...and wish I could dress up every day.
6. I have spent many hours trying to find the perfect pangalastic gargle blaster.
7. One day I want to be the fastest crocheter in the world.

From the wonderful Kimberly I have 8 random things. Of course the above stuff was pretty random but I'll try to think up some more since I've been so remiss.

1. I like petting baby sharks.
2. My favorite Pokemon is a tie between pikachu and bulbasaur.
3. I need to hear the ocean once a year or I go insane. *too late you say?*
4. I will knit anywhere.
5. While orchids are my favorite flower I adore purple pansies.
6. I take spiders and small critters outside instead of killing them.
7. I adore pumpkin spice in almost anything. *mmm coffee*
8. I believe in ghosts.

And I know that you are sick of me by now but I promised the delightful designer Edna so here are another 8 things.

1. My favorite mixed drink is a lava flow.
2. My favorite place is Hawaii.
3. I love luna moths.
4. I adore those little pill bugs that plauge everyone's garden.
5. The hardest thing I ever knit was a penguin...the easiest a blanket for a power ranger.
6. I think the Wii is the neatest game system ever.
7. My house is on a ley line.
8. I could get lost in a paper bag.

So there a bunch of facts that maybe you didn't know...maybe you didn't want to know. ;) But at least I kept my promises to 3 wonderful crafty mavens!

Happy crafting,