Monday, June 26, 2006

Knitting at the Beach

Well, we just got back from OC and here I am knitting in the few minutes of sun we had before it started to pour again. But I was happy I cast on Bridget's clapotis down at the beach like I wanted. I even made it into the increase section.

The yarn Heather made is gorgeous! I love working with it because it knits up so nice. The colors totally express the weekend we had. After this picture was taken it started to rain. And the water from the sea and the sky was ice cold. So we did the only thing that made sense and went ice skating. :)

It wasn't a bad trip. I enjoyed being with my family and spending time with my sis. We actually had a lot of fun but the weather wasn't playing nice. As we checked out it became the perfect day and the sun was shining and I think I might have braved the water with the sun out. But we needed to get on the road and I'm glad we did 'cuz 50 was flooded out already from the storms that were heading our way.

Oh, on Friday morning after staying up all night knitting on the Laurene Shawl and feeling pretty good about the whole thing *insert Jaws music here* I left my knitting on the bed and the maid carelessly tossed it to the couch thus dropping a stitch which unraveled 26 rows...I cried and called my LYS and the owner helped calm me down...needless to say I couldn't work on the shawl the rest of the trip...but doesn't what I have done, look nice?

Happy crafting,

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