Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I Have to Stop Casting On

I have no pictures because everything lately is new and only has a few inches to show for all my efforts. I promise pictures soon. :) really

Lately all I do besides spend time with family and friends and ignore the house work is knit and think about ways to design, spin, dye or knit.

I totally lost my focus on my projects... :( really I tried. But the fact is when I dedicated myself to making stuff for the LYS and teaching then that took the front seat to all my knitting. I have to have examples ready for classes and when it is a two part class I need to be finished to the point I expect my students to understand don't you?

I casted on the Fab Classic and I'm almost ready to join the two shoulders together. That Wendy is amazing in her designs! I'm really enjoying watching this come together!

I also casted on Easy Lace Poncho in some lovely cotton/wool from cascade. I know...I know...but I love the feather and fan you poncho haters will have to forgive me.

Still working on the happy sweater. I have a sleeve and a half to go.

I ordered some natural indigo to try my hand at dyeing.

I'm going to hopefully be taking a summer dyeing and spinning camp class soon!

And I've been thinking about spending more days at the LYS. Yesterday I had two students come in and one finished her scarf! YEAH!!! I'm so proud of all of them! But I was fixing a blanket where the nice lady had dropped a stitch while showing someone how to cast on while *deep breath* talking another nice lady through picking up stitches and it dawned on me...this is why the owner never finishes anything!

So, I guess I will give up my "me" time and give it back to the community. I love helping out so it is all good! :)

Well, that is my little update. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have pictures of one of the projects for you!

Happy crafting,

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