Friday, May 26, 2006

Ponchette Is Fini!

Ponchette, originally uploaded by Ruinwen.

Ignore the fact that I glow like is Ponchette all seamed and ready to go.

I love this pattern! I am going to make it again in linen after I finish a few other projects!

Happy crafting!



Colette said...

The ponchette is so pretty! What pattern did you use?

Breien in Lansingerland said...

The ponchette looks beautiful! My compliments!

Heather said...

Oh. That's quite cute! Would be nice as a light cover up! I love the color too!

KnitNana said...

Lovely yarn, and the pattern is darling. The model needs to be like casper with the ill effects of the sun these days! Is this YOUR OWN pattern, Mz Designer?

SheKnits said...

This came out beatifully! Congrats on a job well done!

Wendy said...

Hey! You made the ponchette! It's amaaaaazing!

Lorenda said...


You are an awesome crafter/knitter... I stand in awe of you!

:::bowing down slowly:::

Gorgeous work!