Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sheep & Wool Festival -(picture laden)

I love alpacas. Here is one lounging after being sheared.

The reason we were here was to be in the lamb cook-off. Here are the judges eating and critiquing.

Of course another reason was the beautiful yarn. This is some kid mohair that I wanted but resisted.

Everyone was so talented. Watching them weave this shawl was amazing!

Here is something I couldn't resist...a totally washable micro-fiber that feels like silk. I bought it in a teal/purple with my prize money. I also bought some merino/hemp to try. Both of these yarns I had never seen before so we'll call it research...yes that is my story and I'm sticking to it. :) Oh, I also bought the pattern that is in the picture.

So, I came in third but that is okay. I lost on plating technique by three points. It gives us room to improve for next year. Yes, next year...we had so much fun that we are going back! You should have seen the mobs of people as they gobbled up our samples out of dixie cups...they didn't need a plating technique...heck, they didn't even have spoons at the end and it was all good. :)

But seriously, we had an awesome time and my son got to see more sheep then he had ever thought possible. He even conversed with a few and was over-joyed when they answered him back! DH had fun serving the masses and sneaking the shank bones off to nibble on. I even got to knit a few rows on ponchette! So it was a great day for everyone!

The last thing I would like to leave you with is the angora woman. She is my fondest memory in years gone by of the Sheep & Wool festival. She calmly sits her angora bunny on her lap and pulls fur off of her and spins it...just too cool! DH said of all the animals we saw today a bunny to sit on my lap and spin would be okay...maybe some day! :)

Happy crafting,

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