Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Son's Dragon

son's dragon, originally uploaded by Ruinwen.

He wanted me to share this with you because it was the highlight of his day. He showed everyone his dragon. :)

Simple pleasures. *sigh*

I just finished frogging his sweater to recast it as a top-down. Did you know when you frog wearing a leather jacket the leather makes noises like little frogs? Okay, so I am not quite recovered from this weekend...I didn't sleep well last night.

Yesterday we found out where our back property line is because they are building a fence there. The fence goes smack dab through our back yard. It is a little disturbing. We don't know if they are cutting down the trees that we love so much or how close they plan to be to us now. But I'm sorry I don't like it. :(

I've burried kitties up on the hill...we even named it Kitty Hill because of that...it's where I have my Goddess garden too. *sigh*

I read somewhere take a day to mourn and then give it to God. So I am mourning today the loss of half of my backyard which is full of memories of good friends and good times and then tomorrow I will let it go and have more knitting to share with you.

But today I think I will go up to Kitty Hill and fondly remember all the felines that are up there esp little Shadazar who only lived for three days but was so sweet. >^..^<

Tomorrow I will talk to DH about where to put the new Goddess Garden. We just put in new stone retaining walls and I have some stone left...maybe I can do something with it?

Is it silly to be bummed over something so trivial? DH is bummed too. He didn't sleep last night either. We are a duo of zombies today.

Well, today is LYS day and I need to get cracking on the Laurene Lace Shawl. I've got all the motifs but one and now that I frogged all this yarn I have needles and yarn to swatch...imagine that! :)



rueyeet said...

Huh. I never thought the woods behind Kitty Hill were yours, but it never occurred to me they were the neighbor's, either. It IS disappointing for them to be cutting down such a lovely stand of trees, just to put up a fence; and more disappointing that you're losing your woods. :(

KnitNana said...

Start planting a new set of trees at your property line...it will take a bit, but you'll have your privacy back, if not Kitty Hill...and plant your garden again, making the changes you'd considered since making the first!(yes, when handed lemons, I do, indeed make lemonade!) I think you need a double dose of my normal
(((hugs))) so ((((hugs))))

Breien in Lansingerland said...

I understand your son being proud on his dragon :)

I feel sorry for the fence going through your yard and hope they won't do too much damage - as I appreciate the green in the first place. Here all the green disappears as every piece of land is used to build houses upon. :-S

(((hugs))) I agree... take the time to mourn and give it to God.