Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Spring Fling 2006

Spring Fling 2006, originally uploaded by Ruinwen.

Sorry I've been away but we were gearing up for Spring Fling. Here is our tent; notice the new walls? Where if it had rained they would have been wonderful...the wind nearly carried us away. The tent next to us did blow over and had to be bolted to the parking lot.

We had fun and broke even and then some. :)

My sister happily crocheted away with us and my MIL, BIL and all the kids had a great time too!

All in all it was a really breezy, fun weekend. :)


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rueyeet said...

I had a nice relaxing time, got to spend time with you and your "DH", and feel like I got a lot done, too! Thanks for making me a part of Vixenpath!