Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What's Up Doc?

So, I’ve been thinking about what my DH said about getting an angora. I mean it would be wonderful to have my own angora to spin and dye and make a few things a year out of. Plus they make wonderful pets and my son would love a pet rabbit.

But being an Aries I know I’m going to jump in and get overwhelmed by my emotions before really thinking it through.

So yesterday I researched angoras and came up with a plan. I also learned a lot about them that I didn’t know…like they are very prone to heat stroke, they get wool block (like fur balls but they can’t expel them) and they can be litter trained at an early age.

So here is the plan. I bought a simple drop spindle with some wool yesterday on E-Bay and I will see if I can even spin wool. If I can’t then that is that. If I can spin wool then I will get some angora/wool blend and learn to spin that. If I succeed there then I will buy some angora roving by itself and work on spinning that. Finally I will by the raw wool (fresh off the angora itself) and work on spinning that. After all that spinning, if I still enjoy the whole prospect of creating my own yarn, then I will go on to the next step.

Then we have to ask ourselves some serious questions about where is our bunny going to live? We will need supplies and a hutch for our angora and to learn everything we can about taking care of our new family member before we even go look at angoras.

Then we will start looking at types and decide on which angora breed will be best for our needs. I personally am thinking about a satin because there is a really nice sheen to their fur. Also we will have to decide if we ever want to show our angora. Some breeds are not approved by the judges.

Finally, we need to visit angora farms and actually find the bunny that meshes with our family.


This process may take months or years but I don’t want to rush it and get involved in something I can’t handle. So we’ll see how I do with my new spindle when it comes in and anyone who wants to leave any advice about spinning is more then welcome. I feel I will need all the help I can get!

Happy crafting,



rueyeet said...

...and don't forget convincing the kitties (especially Widdershins) that the bunny's not an eatin' animal!

Good idea to see if you can spin the yarn first--not only will that show whether it's practical to have a bunny at all, but it'll give you time to see whether it's just an impulse thing.

Birdsong said...

You will also want to check out the House Rabbit Society website, as rabbits make great house pets, but there are a few accomodations you need to plan... such as making sure they cannot chew on wires to your electronics. Buns are delightful pets, though. Good luck on the spinning, but I bet you will take to it.

SheKnits said...

Oh how fun! I raised rabbits in High School for FFA. Not Angoras, although wanted them.

The nice thing about havng a pet like a rabbit... is that it will be great practice for your little guy. Plus, once you do decide that you do want one, he can possibly get involved with your local 4-H group and get involved with rabbits that route. It's a great way to build self confidence and meet other kids with similiar interests. Life long friendships. Now I want a rabbit and a son!

Have fun.. and yes, it will be a task, but well worth it in the end.

KnitNana said...

AND...make sure you have a vet you can take your bunny to and get quality care...b/c they don't ALL know much about bunnies! Tho' I hope they're getting better at it, since a lot of folks are getting them. (oh gee, Widdershins with a bunny!)