Thursday, May 17, 2007

You can't choose your battle grounds, the Gods do that for you. But you can plant a standard where a standard never flew.

Hi. Sorry I’ve been so silent. I started freaking out about Fair and lost a bunch of eye-lash in the process. The stuff didn’t frog it rather created the biggest knot you have ever seen. But I’m over it now. I always wait until the very last minute to really get organized. I wish I could stop being a procrastinator…maybe I’ll work on that next year? LOL

So I’ve got slim pickings this year and it will just have to be okay. I haven’t had quiet time when I could work on the Masters. I haven’t designed stuff for a CAL. I haven’t designed a dog sweater for the LYS. I never even finished my dear Mother’s shawl. *big long sigh*

Something has to change. But the problem is I serve too many masters and I am adding another hobby as soon as the pieces come for my wheel...long story. I can manage to make sure our family gets everything that is necessary done. Why can’t I do it for myself?

I try to be healthy and work out and then it cuts into my knitting time. What is more important my health or fibery goodness? I’ve been cutting up fresh veggies and fruits in the morning and losing blogging and RSS time. But again what is more important?

Me. If I don’t take care of myself then my family will suffer. So for the last two weeks I’ve been taking care of me. I’ve improved my diet, made time to work out, made time to meditate and breathe. I’ve been sleeping better and I have more energy then I’ve had in a while. But like any good relationship; it takes time and effort to maintain good health.

Next I made a crafting schedule and if I follow it I should get a lot done. I decided on one night a week when I will shut myself away and knit for the Masters. Another night I will spin. Another I will work on a spiritual project I’ve wanted to do. Other projects will be worked on the weekends, down time and at the LYS.

I took all those goals I planted at Ostra and found a time of day for them. All of them. I left Friday night, Saturday and Sunday free except for working out in the a.m. and spiritual time on Sunday in the a.m.

I really looked at what was important to me and found a place for it. I’ve tried to take baby steps and not take on too much. I always make these tight schedules with no free time. But I’ve even included our family night and no electronic devices night (that one kills the DH).

I’ve realized that blogging every day might be really pushing myself too hard. By making a time to blog once a week, then I know I have time to take the pictures, write something witty and get it up on the web before bed.

I’m trying to be realistic this time which is hard for a girl with her head in the clouds. I’m trying to balance my health, family, craft and spirituality and I think if I can just get in a routine it just might be simpatico for once.

Thanks for listening to me babble.

Happy crafting,

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