Sunday, January 05, 2014

A Sheep of a Different Color

Hi.  I know I missed a few weeks so I hope you had a Happy and Beautiful holiday season.  This year was different but it was nice to hang with my family.

I know you think that Minecraft swallowed me whole...and to an extent you are right.  My wonderful family let me use the world I had started and they all joined me there.  My sister gave me the gift of an account and a plush creeper and it has been so much fun to share this experience with them.

Above you will see my pen of absolute cuteness.  These are my colored sheep.  When you harvest their wool it retains its crafters...this is the ultimate dream.  Every color...snip...block o'wool. Somewhere in our landscape, I am going to make a huge blanket one day.  :)

One of my friends gave me the Hue Shift Afghan and I gave my sister one as we are working it block by block. A block is all I can manage these days. My eye has been so light sensitive after the PVD. It is like a knife in my eye socket. Everything is a bit harder to do.

I want to knit this blanket.  I want to see the colors merge and change.  So, I will take my time and just do what I can with no worries or negative inner voices.  As you can see I did manage to craft a row of squares.  I really am loving this yummy yarn.

A little snicker is in my head as I realize I could recreate this blanket with my color fantastic sheep in Minecraft.  :)  BTW Minecraft with its even level of light doesn't hurt my eyes.  They don't blur out the way they are doing now as I type this on this bright white background. Minecraft has actually been my saving grace because I can feel productive and part of something.

In the real world I feel challenged all the time.  Even with my knitting which I know like the back of my hand, I keep asking myself if I am doing it right.  I feel like I'm floundering with every stitch.  The zen feeling is  hard to maintain.

I find it easier to let my muscle memory take over and trust in my inner spirit which is connected to my ancestors, guides and teachers.  My hands have made hundreds of thousands of stitches and they remember. Just like I can close my eyes and type and the words appear without me having to see them.

I feel that there are many lessons to this new condition of mine that I need to step outside of my box to really "see".

The truth is that I am blessed in so many ways.  We all have challenges that we face each and every day; the trick is to continue to enjoy each and every day despite these least in that, I can truly say I excel.

Simple things have always made me smile.  Hugs...cuddling...purring cats...rainbows...soft fuzzy things...the sound of rain and thunder...the ocean...butterfly kisses...shiny things...static under the leaves...the smell of rosemary or thyme...good energy...happy people...these are just a few of my favorite things.  Even the list has me smiling.

Hugs and happy crafting,

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