Sunday, January 26, 2014

Walking With Spirit

This is the new elemental shrine I designed in Minecraft.  My son helped me create in the creative world to figure stuff out and now I am building it in my home world.

I'm not so good at the building of stuff.  My son, my sister and my hubby make the most amazing structures. In fact my hubby built me a house after I gave him my ideas, and it looks fantastic.  My sister would say that I just need practice; but I think you either have an eye for how these things flow together or you don't...and I don't.

But that isn't really important here because I wanted to do something to honor spirit in my game and this is my creation as I saw it in my head.  My Dad always said that he made a "joyful noise" unto the Lord because he couldn't really carry a tune.  But his heart carried in his song and that made it beautiful.  So this is my heart in blocks making a little place to honor spirit within my game; it is beautiful because my light shines through it as well as a lot of glowstone.  :)

Walking with spirit is as easy as that...making a place and or a time to devote to the stillness and there.

It doesn't have to be a grandiose gesture; a word of blessing before you start your day, a word of thanks for the blessings at a meal and an attitude of gratitude at the close of the day for all the beautiful things you saw and did in another wonderful day on Earth.

Your way of walking with spirit may be to honor the house that you live in by doing laundry or cleaning something.  Maybe you honor spirit by cooking a meal for your family to provide nurturing and nourishment. Being with your family in a joyful way and just enjoying their presence in your life honors spirit.   There are endless ways to honor spirit and most of them are just being loving, kind, compassionate and considerate of your fellow man.

A smile may brighten someone's day.  A hug can warm someone's heart...and lower their blood pressure! An act of kindness has ripples that continue long after your part is over.  One person can make a difference just by letting that light in them shine out and touch others.

Another row is completed and I love this project more and more each day.  This week has been really confusing with holidays and snow closings.  When it got so cold I really didn't feel like knitting; but the minute I picked up the yarn...everything changed.  The Brava is so soft and brilliant with color that I found it easy to finish a square while watching the colors merge and change with the different accents in the blocks.

I went to the eye doctor and she said that Iris is fully formed and clearly obscuring my vision which, is the reason I haven't been knitting as much or writing full tutorials as of late.  These squares have been such a blessing to me because I can handle one a day and my eyes don't strain too much.  Not only does this give me great joy it allows me to create something special with my wonderful sister since this is a KAL.  Since we are only doing a row a week I can't push myself to do more then I can handle.  This project is just perfect in every way.

I was talking to a friend and she was saying when she got older she didn't want to lose her ability to knit.  I understand that.  Knitting is more then a craft to me; it is more like a religion that ties me to everything.  I know that I've said this before; but this is something I feel in my soul...knitting is my vocation.  My life's path is intertwined with fiber and community.  Every square connects me to my ancestors and my Patron Goddess.  Every stitch allows me to walk with Spirit.

Bright Blessings to you and yours,
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