Sunday, December 08, 2013


This house has been a Minecraft family for as long as I can remember.  Years ago our nephew came to visit and showed everyone this new game and it was love at first sight for everyone...but me.

Sure I was awed by the scenery and amazed by the things my family built but I had resisted the urge because I knew I would like it...probably too much.

Those of you who know me, know I love to game to the point of obsession.  I've never ignored my family or missed a day of work or something like that...but I throw myself into my games and learn all there is to know.  I don't just play; I research and take notes and immerse myself totally into whatever world I happen to be in at the time.

Minecraft is more then just a game; it is an experience and you can choose to play it anyway you like. During Thanksgiving everyone was on our family server while I was Skyrimmin'.  And that was great, everyone was having a super time and I made headway on my Alteration magic...but listening to them talk about their experience and all got to me this time.  Which considering this is what happens whenever our family gets together...was strange.

So on Monday I got on the 360 and decided to see for myself how Minecraft and I got along.  My sister was right, I was better at it then I thought.  The tutorial world makes it easier I guess since you have the ruins of a place to stay and food and all.

Yep...just looking.  That is my story.  So, thinking that I have absorbed a huge amount of knowledge I did the online demo.  You have 5 Minecraft days to see what you think.  At the end of the five days I had a little house, a bed, an oven, sugarcane, pumpkins, wheat and I had just found some iron.  I killed two zombies and learned firsthand about a lot of things that I had heard them talking about but never seen for myself.

What are the top 10 things I learned from this adventure?

1.  I think I'm in love with Minecraft; it has something for everyone and the biomes are amazing.

I've seen my sister's breathtaking houses and been awed, I've watched my son create parkour courses that really impressed me, I've seen my Father-In-Law make a really complicated obsidian generator, I've watched my hubby create these amazing and complex farms and and basically seen over the years all the different things people like to do in Minecraft.  But nothing quite prepared me for being walled in a box with a window with the sun going down and no bed to make the bad things go away.  I could see a spider and a zombie in the distance and I huddled in a corner until day broke again and prayed.  There was much rejoicing when dawn arrived and I was still alive!

2.  Baby animals are so cute and you can create babies through a fence.

3.  Mooshrooms are even more adorable; I want to live on a mooshroom island and live off of mushroom soup.

The seed lost (all lowercase) will give you an awesome mooshroom island with tons of mountains running with awe inspiring caves, waterfalls and pools of lava.  I can't play there yet but hubby let me see it last night and the biomes were breathtaking.  There was an entire world of mooshroom too!

4.  Mining is really exciting; finding that first coal vein was really a happy moment.  I'm ready to dig deep now and follow my sister's shaft digging protocol.  I think I'm going to pack up my bed, crafting table and oven and live in a cave for a while in my demo game.  It has become a race to see how much I an do in 5 days.  In a cave I won't have to sleep so I can dig...dig...dig.

5.  You never hear a creeper.  My wheat garden was blown to smithereens before I even knew what had happened.

6.  I love growing crops.  It is like Farmville without the need to send stuff all day.

7.  Birch trees are beautiful as are all the other trees; but birch trees are my favorite

8.  There is an ocelot in the jungle biome and I want to tame him and have a house cat

9.  Since I am terrible at directions I have made huge dirt pillars by important landmarks so I can find them quickly.  Next one will have a torch on top.  These pillars have saved me so many times when I lost my bearings.

10.  If you don't have a roof spiders can get in your house.  If you leave your door open...who knows who you may find.  Some days it will be a cow...some days a zombie.  It is better to have a small house that can just fit a bed so you can have roof; then to go without.  A crafting table can be built into the walls of your home as well.

I finished Holda and she is lovely.   I just need to steam her and then take a pic and I will have a new pattern to put up.

Happy crafting,

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