Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ever Feel Like This?

Do you ever feel like my poor Minecraft character who was shot by skeletons?  Sometimes it just seems that there are more challenges then I can handle...but I pick myself up and go forward anyway.  I lived through that Minecraft experience and for quite a bit of time I had those arrows sticking out of me.  But did that stop my character?  No!  She hoed and farmed and did all the stuff she had to do.  She is very inspiring to me.

Because some days with the eye sensitivity and the food intolerances and all these aches and pains that I've had lately it seems like I just changed the difficulty on my life setting to "hard" or something.  But I haven't stopped and I don't plan to either.  Yes, I'm taking it easy and I'm eating what I'm supposed to and blinking every 10 minutes and such; but it just feels more challenging lately.

I have been keeping to my 5 squares a week on Hue Shift.  Now you can start to see why I fell in love with this beautiful melding of colors.  My sisters is equally lovely just more jeweled toned and rich while mine is happy giddy rainbows of color.

Since I am only knitting 5 squares since this is a KAL with my sister, I have been making these as well. Zoom Looming is quite easy and addictive and I can make a few squares here and there and soon I will have a whole bunch of them.  I do the weaving more on feel then sight, but that is how I've been doing a lot of my crafting lately.  I can close my eyes and knit a row and my fingers can feel when the tension is wrong because I split a stitch or missed a stitch or whatever might be "off" in the row.

My friend who can't knit right now asked me to help with finishing her projects and this has been an ongoing thing I have been doing for her.  I have another one but it will take me a long time and I will only do a little at a time.  My friend knows this and she is totally okay with that because a row here and there actually makes progress, even if it is slow.  If it sits in her knit basket it will remain undone forever.  There is a lesson there...slow progress is better then no progress.

My MIL wants another Nana Cowl which, is just wonderful.  She wanted a warmer version this time so I chose this.  It is a blend of silk and merino and sounds just yummy.  I can't wait to work with it.  :)

I'm not rushing things.  I'm taking my time.  When I need to stop I rest a bit but I'm not giving up and arrows or not...I'm just going to keep going forward one step at a time.

Happy crafting and many hugs,

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