Friday, February 19, 2010

Spirals of Change

So, one of the little things I’ve been doing to keep me motivated during all these life changes is to reward myself now and then. For each five pounds lost I’ve been buying a little something. And at the 10 pounds gone mark I thought it should be something really special.

I always wear a pentagram. To me it sums up my religion; man at one with the elements and nature. And every few years I get a new one to celebrate a change in self.

I must say I fell in love with this at first glance. Garnet is my magical stone and it is red…and I’m all about the red…being a Mars/Aries. The flower morphing from the penti is just beautiful since I am an herbal healer. I feel this really emphasizes the 5 fold path that I follow also. So this is my new penti and I love it. It is so me.

It is funny as I lose pieces of myself I find myself discovering more and more of my true inner core. I was writing my sweet sister about how all the ice is really resonating with me. Because I feel like my soul has been frozen and now it is melting and revealing something that I had forgotten.

I guess I had overlooked the fact I was still in there.

You know Doctors will tell you that when you shed fat that a lot of toxins are also let go with it. As a healer who can feel energy I believe that pockets of energy are also held captive in the body and released at this time.

Let me heal “geek” for a moment. There are meridians or channels which run through your body. When a person is blocked, energy, chi, prana or whatever you call it, cannot circulate. This blockage will eventually cause some sort of discomfort on one or more of the three levels: physical, mental or spiritual.

The meridians run through the limbic system of the brain where emotional memories are stored and moods are regulated. It is believed that the meridians hold our unresolved emotions and feelings. When you free up the energy blockage these emotions are also freed.

I’ve found that these emotions being freed brings about different changes in me day to day and I’ve just been flowing with them. I’ve been listening to the different complaints my body is making and striving to “heal” that part of myself that has been neglected.

For the first time in…forever…I am awake with my alarm and not dragging or tired but rested and fresh and ready to take on the day…without coffee. If you know me…you know I love my coffee…but it was always an occasional thing and then I started using it to wake up and by the end of the day I was just…done.

I found out daily coffee is not good for my personal being. It was hurting me and I didn’t even know it. So, I’ve been off it for a month now. I’ve been having this amazing Himalayan Black tea which sis got me for Yule that I really, really love first thing in the morning and it has made such a difference.

One change has spiraled into another and now heading into March I can honestly say that every step has been worth it.

A Scarf of My Favorite Yarns

Here is a scarf I started a while ago with yarns I could only afford one skien of. This weekend thanks to my BF, I finished it. It is just a simple garter stitch done lengthwise...but to me this is more then a scarf. To me this is keeping a promise to me. I always put the projects that are going to me aside to do things for others. And while it is good to be giving and should give that same respect to the self. So this was another way to honor myself and it really felt good!


Finally Ishbel is off the needles and drying right now. This is the first project that I have "blocked the heck out of". I can't wait to see what she looks like. I think IMHO this may be some of the finest lace I have ever done.

So all in all, this was a good week. The skies are threatening and the wind is howling but I finished two projects so in the grand scheme of things...I'm pretty darn happy.

*hugs to you all*
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