Monday, July 02, 2007

WIP (Why I Procrastinate)

“Don't water your weeds.”
-- Harvey Mackay

Although I believe a weed is a plant who is a victim of prejudice, I also see the folly of giving all your nourishment to life’s weeds and not watering the metaphorical plants that have sprouted from my Ostra seeds.

It is hard not to look at one’s to-do list without shuddering over all the things still left undone. Yet it is the moving forward in goals and such that allow us to grow as a person.

Finding the balance between making time for the things that need to be done and not fainting from my own expectations seems to plague me lately. I feel tired before I begin and yet I keep trying to get it all done.

But what else can one do? I guess after looking at my life I’ve realized that I tend to “water my weeds” way too much. When I originally posted my goals that I wanted to meet it was so I could be accountable but I’ve realized that it only drives me slowly insane not meeting them all.

It is not due to laziness that I don’t meet my goals it is due to the very nature of life itself. Suddenly a baby blankets needs completing for a new member of the family or a terrible tragedy brings about the need for charity items. A turn of events at the LYS makes way for having to get in projects before a deadline that previously did not exist on my list of goals.

I find my self pulled suddenly in so many directions and my list suffers. So what can I do? I feel without goals my life will be void of direction and I will find my projects languishing somewhere between a WIP and an FO for so much longer then necessary.

Is choosing one goal a way to cop out of my responsibilities? Because to me it seems the safe option. Pick a WIP to work on for the month and let it be the filler project that I work on instead of starting something new when one of my “other” projects are completed. And it will remain my goal until it is complete.

So this is where I ask your help Dear Readers to decide what WIP I should focus on. Please and thank you. :)

I will leave this poll up until Sunday and whatever WIP has the most votes will not leave my side for the duration of the month.

I hope you all have a safe and Happy 4th of July.

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