Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sea Witch is Complete

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Sea Witch top
Sea Witch skirt

Once I got going with this knit I couldn't stop. Making the pieces in the round left nothing to seam and it seemed to knit up really quick. Both pieces are made pretty much the same except for the casing. I used yarn overs to allow for an I-cord waist tie on the skirt. I only used one yarn over on the inside of the top casing which I pulled elastic through. Not trusting that elastic could keep up with the bonny lass I sewed in some I-cord shoulder ties for good measure.

Close up of waist
Maybe this wasn't the most complicated thing that I've ever made but it sure was fun...and portable. I was able to bring it to DH's PT appointments. Of course the real challenge is will my niece like it? I won't know that for a while. But her Dad thinks it will tickle her little Princess heart.

I definitely will use the Cotton Classic again and I have enough to make something else. Maybe a top for me?

Happy crafting!

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