Wednesday, October 18, 2006


* Work on sheep
* Finish nursing home lap blanket
* Work on pinwheel blanket (finish one ball)
* Make another dishcloth
* Finish shrug for LYS
* Finish one sleeve of sweater

These are my October goals. I realize that the month is almost over but if I had one good day off I could knock out this list so I know that it is totally possible.

My mind has been consumed with family stuff as of late and having some concrete goals is my way of keeping sane. Anyone who wants to send prayers, reiki, good vibes or just some happy thoughts to my Mom and Dad are more then welcome! :)

With the encouragement of my Mother I was able to knit something successfully on dpns! So I was finally able to start the pinwheel blanket that had been eluding me for so long. It is now off dpns and on circs. Last time I checked it was a little bigger then a large pizza. Yeah me!

So it seems I am finally ready to tackle the sleeves of my happy sweater which have made it down to dpn proportions. I’m feeling so good about the whole dpn thing that I might even start a pair of socks…somebody stop me…. *tee hee*

Hopefully I will have some pics later but please forgive me if my posting gets even more sporadic then it already is!

Happy crafting,

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