Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm Open to Change

“Change. It has the power to uplift, to heal, to stimulate, surprise, open new doors, bring fresh experience and create excitement in life. Certainly it is worth the risk.”

-- Leo Buscaglia

True story: My popcorn caught on fire this week. I nuked it for the required time and it was smoking. When I mistook the smoke for steam and shook it up a bit like I always do, it burst into flames. I threw the mess in the sink and ran water on it until the steam stopped.

I find it totally out of character that my popcorn would catch on fire after years of not doing so. I mean what changed in the Universe to create such a phenomena?

Life changes on a dime all the time; emotions, schedules, lifestyles and preferences all are subject to the whims of change. But there are certain rules to the Universe like gravity and such that never change right? When something as simple as your popcorn catching on fire happens, it can shake your core beliefs pretty badly.

Which is why I relaxed with some knitting. But as I knitted my stitches I realized as a knitter, I have to be open to change. What happens when the yarn you are using is the wrong one and you know the gauge is so far off that it will never become the chosen project? You change something.

When I change yarns or projects and someone asks where is the sweater I was working on is, me saying, "I frogged it," really requires no other explanation. Knitters know that yarn they loved in the store may not want to be the perfect scarf even if it is the right gauge. Colors don't always look the same when you wear them as they do on the skein.

Knitting is all about changing your mind, your texture, and your preference and altering a pattern on a whim. I've been focusing on the later.

The picture above shows the three yarns I've been playing with to make the tank top in. Evita in Spring which, is a lovely cotton blend that really shows definition and has a lovely drape. Linie 12 Clip in 199 which, is Egyptian cotton and also has spectacular definition and loves to hold its shape (good for busts). And last but not least Vixen in Magenta which, is a breathtaking ribbon that is more tube shaped so it acts more like a yarn then a ribbon.

I love them all and maybe none of them will be the tank, but who knows what will happen in a world where popcorn can catch on fire?

Happy crafting,

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