Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Cats Were Tagged...

Meezer from was nice enough to tag my cats so here they are...

Five Weird things / habits about me Meme

1O. Obsidian here, I love to be brushed. You know how other cats can hear a food dish being filled from a mile away?...well, I can hear a cat brush. I love it when my little buddy brushes out my long silky fur…it is such a purrfect feeling!

1W. That's truly silly. Widdershins here, I do not have weird habits but I do like to burrow. My big pet says I am part ferret to which I answer by nibbling on his toes. I like mystery. I love to be in dark burrows and wait for the chance to pounce on some unsuspecting victim.

2O. I love grass…the green kind outside on the lawn. It is soooo tasty. But we have leash laws and it's been sooo hot that I haven't gotten in my nice safe cage in a while. I try and sneak out the door and get some yummy grass every chance I get!

2W. I like everyone to look when I am eating. I'm a girl who likes a crowd of one. But I need to be in the limelight or what's the point?

3O. Wow, I have to do five of these? I'm a big cat who needs lots of sleep. In fact you keep on waking me up for this survey….oh okay…I am not a fighter. I have no front claws and even the squirrels in the backyard can beat me up.

3W. I on the other hand train constantly. I am a sleek white and black ninja that sneaks up on milk rings, fuzzy mice and unsuspecting toes.

4O. I understand human speak and am constantly talking. When the phone rings I always add a word or two. I am the only one who can wake my little buddy up. He loves having me sleep next to him and then gently sing him to consciousness in the morning.

4W. Bah, any cat knows human speak…*sigh*…see what I have to deal with? But back to me... I love to flop in front of my pets so they can adore me and see how sleek and lean I am. They always stoop to fawn and adulate me so I know they love this little ritual of ours.

5O. Yawn…I love when my person starts knitting. She is always so relaxed unless the yarn is misbehaving. I curl up next to her and provide support. It is my favorite time we spend together.

5W. My person is an IT dude and I am always getting my head in there reading up on what's new in the world. No matter how busy he is I can always worm my way in front of the screen. He absolutely adores me.

There, done. Should any furry purries want to answer this Meme...feel free to do so. I'm going back to sleep...

Happy napping,

Obsidian and Widdershins
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