Tuesday, February 22, 2005

From the Heart :)

Heart Blanket, originally uploaded by Ruinwen.

Here is one of the hearts in the Valentine Heart Blanket. My husband lovingly took the photos yesterday and if you read about yesterday then you know that I am not going to complain about them being dark. I am instead going to praise my wonderful, supportive husband. :)

So, now that yesterday is out of the way I wanted to tell you that I had a great weekend! My scrap booking, play date, dinner party went great! We all had a wonderful time.

I also wanted to thank Kitt for all her help. As you can see I have added Blogs I Enjoy and I started on Yarn Stores I Frequent as I learn some code. But Kitt has been amazing and I want to send a thousand thanks to her! :)

This weekend I had a most startling moment. For one reason or another having another baby would a) either hurt me or b) hurt the baby. But my darn clock has been ticking away and I couldn't shut it off. But Sunday we went to a birthday party for my Aunt and a girl walked in with a cute baby. All I saw was the Fair Isle sweater he was wearing and the poncho she had on. I swear it was like a total change in my clock it just shut off and the knitter in me rang. So I found out she got the poncho from old navy and I bought one yesterday so I can try and make it for a later project.

Have a great day!


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