Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Camo Summer Top and Why It is Backward

Camo Summer Top, originally uploaded by Ruinwen.

Here is the progress on my Camo Summer Top. This is actually from the back. Why you may ask? Well, have you ever had one of THOSE days? Yesterday our child got sick in his sleep so in the am there was much clean up. So off to the car I go and I slip on the only piece of ice on our property crashing down full force on my right knee. My bags lay strew across the lawn with all their items emptied. I stand up since no one is up on a holiday at 6:30 am and realize that my favorite pants are torn and they are tinged with blood. So I go back to get my car with my husband's help and he is sweet and picks up everything and puts it in the car. Then I was running mostly on time when I find my car door was left open all night so I ask my husband for a jump since he and my son had the day off and I did not.

I realize at work that I should clean the wound and put ice on it but there is nothing but soap and water which sting like the dickens and no ice. Oh, I forgot to mention our sweet little cat is peeing blood. So I had to find someone who is open on a holiday. I find a cat, dog and cow doctor. She won't pee there so they can't do tests and they are keeping her overnight. Can you hear my son crying for his kitty in the background?

My head is fuzzy from the pain of my knee which I keep hitting on the metal desk at work. Everything is metal at work so each time you walk from the desk to the filing cabinet you get a big "shock!" So it goes like this "bang", pain running up my leg, reach to steady myself, "shock" all day long. I also mess up things and have to do them over, which begins to make me sad.

Then, I gave Gwen the wrong directions for her glove making problem and I just get down right disheartened...even my knitting seemed to betray me. So by the time I get home by leg is swollen and I just wanted to sit but I promised to have a picture in here and I feel bad so I ask my hubby to take pictures and he takes them of the wrong side and I really think that is perfect for this day.

I would have had them up last night but the computer crashed until today when the world seems to have done a 360' and I hope all is well.


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