Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Sheldon is Born

Sheldon and  ShoesCool Shoes
Sallee's BagNana Sadie Rose

Wow! When my son asked for Sheldon for his teacher's baby I never imagined how much fun it would be to make the little guy. My son reasoned that he should have a tail and I changed the pattern to include it. I'm going to make another in a few months. Guess I should finish some WIP's first! *grin*

The shoes are the most amazing thing! They feel like walking barefoot and get your toes to stretch and relax. You have better balance with them too. They come in different colors and when I ran in the rain yesterday, they did not even slip or attempt to come off. Love them!!!

And another beautiful bag from Sallee! I love the black cat, pumpkin, love, love it! :) And I added a little flickr badge on the side bar for her bags that I have...2 are missing I think....I really love, love, love anything she makes!!! :)

We cleaned yesterday and I'm pretty wiped...but I'll get in my Wii Fit workout and then sit back and knit!

Have a lovely weekend,

Happy Crafting,

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