Saturday, March 15, 2008

Of Mice and Impossible Charting

Winter's Fury. We had more ice then anything else this winter. This was a day that I stayed home with my son and was sick while he played video games all day. Ice in the Norse Runes stands for Isa: Reflection. It is a time of going within and finding all the resources that you already have carved on the tablet of your soul.

I think that I have done this. I have found a balance between family, obligation, hobbies, work and nurturing of self. I have found the voice to say no when it hurts to do so. I have spoken up when I feel walked on and abused. And I have found time to ruminate and renew when it all is too overwhelming.

Of course my DH is my rock, my son my sunshine and my knitting my saving grace. But knowing what you need is half the battle to getting where you are supposed to be. So as cold and bitter as winter was this year, I learned many lessons that I will use for the rest of my life.

Spring's beauty. Time to think about the seeds I will plant. Spiritually I am asking for patience and compassion. Physically I think I will plant tomatoes since I love them in the summer. Little changes make a big impact when done with a clear intent.

My caplet is at the edge and I wanted to do something special for the bottom edge. So I poured over pattern books until I found the Windblow Leaf border.
So this chart is from Knitting on the Edge and it was the hardest thing I've ever charted. There are so many no-stitches in the pattern that I felt like I had entered a black hole. But after 5 tries and more hours then I'd like to admit, it is ready for testing. Best to put it away for a day or two before attempting the dreaded swatch.

These mice are from Kitty Knits and they have yet to be stuffed or given noses and eyes. This is my first intentional felting project and I really enjoyed making these cute little critters.

So I've been trying to figure out which direction I want to go with this blog. A good friend told me to do whatever I want since it is my blog. I've been only posting when I have knitting...but with limited time I don't knit as much as I used to. So please forgive me while I figure this all out.

Anyway, have a super weekend!

Happy crafting,



Christine said...

Mmmm. Reflection. I can tell you are in a good place. I love the way you piece your words together. With much thought, intent, compassion and love.

(I just tried posting this, so I apologize if it pops up a second time.)

I love the photo of the tree. It's just beautiful!

This new place you are in, must have something to do with knitting in front of the fireplace at Starbucks. ROFL! It popped in my head, so I had to share. I am jealous, I even spoke with the manager of one of my areas Starbucks and requested a fireplace. He looked puzzled. LOL.

Stickchicky said...

As long as we still get to hear from you every now and then you should do whatever your heart desires, knitting or not.

Geraldine said...

What an insightful post Ruinwen. Sounds like you have much to ponder on your mind. Hope that all will work out for the best.

Love the mice and seeing the spring flowers too, so pretty.

Huggs, G

Willow Goldentree said...

Write whatever comes to mind. :) I like reading your blog.

KnitNana said...

Make the blog yours. In other words, not just one-dimensional - like only knitting - but the wonderful 3 dimensional woman you are!
I do love hearing from you - and I like the mice! I should do one or two and stuff with nip for the girls...