Friday, March 21, 2008

Friends and Neighbors

Felted MiceFelted Mice

Ramblings of a Witch tagged me with the task of coming up with three blogs that stand above the others as my favorites and that I cannot do. Every blog on my side bar is special in some way to me; that's why it's listed.

Yesterday was Sweater Day . A day to honor that man who asked me as a child, "Won't you be my neighbor?" I loved Mr. Roger's neighborhood. I remember parts of the show very vividly like Miss Lion or the Trolly.

But see that is what the people on my sidebar are: neighbors..friends. Through our blogs we've interacted in some way. Some of you are so close I consider you family.

So last night I asked my DH who he would list. And of course he said Sallee (who is having that contest two posts down) and Christine who are like sisters in other states. If I had to pick a brother I would want it to be John who is not only funky fresh but he is a jack of all things fiberly. My family knows him on sight due to the fact we watched him on Knitty Gritty a few times.

Then there is Kim who's visual eye-candy of a blog has me believing that hot tea is brewing in front of me while I am knitting too beautiful for words yarn that she spins, dyes...she is just amazing!

Geraldine can fit more interesting things in a post from yummy recipes, to crafts to amazing little tid bits that fill up my appetite for knowledge.

Really I could go on and on because something from each blog on my sidebar pops into my head. Like what an amazing designer Marnie is while having such adorable pups as Panda and Thea. Of course if you are talking cute pups I'd have to include little Moses on Christine's blog and prize winning Skyy and Cleo on Kim's blog.

And I could go on about cats...all the wonderful cats that these people have...because these are vibrant people to me...special friends, net-neighbors and family who I can't survive without. You are my life-line. Your names are inscribed on my heart and I am so thankful that you found your way into my life. :)

I've run out of time I had hoped to list more...but the clock is telling me that clothes are in order if I'm going to leave in 15 minutes.

So Happy Easter, Ostra, Spring Equinox...may the seeds that you plant in your heart grow in abundance throughout this season of life and renewal.

Bright blessings,


P.S. At the top there are my felted mice. Two are stuffed and were given away as gifts yesterday. The man at Starbucks was very surprised to see those little eyes in there...needless to say they thought I should have bunnies not mice in my purse. And all the way home I started thinking about how easy a bunny would be... *grin*

P.P.S. I totally forgot that I wanted to do a contest...I have way too many herbs to store and I want to share them with someone who wants them...and if you are fiberly then I will throw in some yarn too. It makes very ecological shipping material. :)

Ok all you have to do is visit a blog in my side bar that you don't already read...and tell me the first line of their latest post in a comment on this post. Remember a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet!

Cut off for the contest is next Friday the 28th. I will put your names in a hat and let my son draw one. Good luck. If you are new to the blog; welcome! The list of herbs is in the saffron post and now I really have to run!


KnitNana said...

And so at the precise moment you have this contest...I click on a blog name that sounds intriguing and read...
"Margaret Klein Wilson has just finished her contemplative journaling/knitting workshop - and as ever there are tears and laughter."

I'm tickled to try a new blog that you love! And Earth-Sky-Knitter sounded fascinating...but then, where was she? A retreat in VERMONT?

Are these happy accidents fate? Or perhaps these serendipitous events are not accidents at all? How is it, that you, a blog pal from MD finds someone who is spending time in my native state that I link to b/c of your contest...? wow. MIND-BLOWING!

I know. I know. There ARE no "coincidences," right?

I love love love your mice! Hope today is wonderful...

Geraldine said...

I stopped in to see, Celtic Knitter, her first line..."Ok, so I disappeared again." (sad story over there)

Thank you, thank you for your kind words Ruinwen. I consider it a gift that I found my way to your blog, via Sallees. I love stopping in here and seeing what you are up to. I also love your style of writing and blogging,and you do have style! I mean that.

Am I on your blogroll? If I am, I must be going blind. Hope I am soon.

PS THe 'kids' loved the mice, now they want some too. LOL

Willow Goldentree said...

I love what you did with your tag. :)

"Did you arrive early, find nothing but old posts, and think I was skipping Masters Monday again?"

I took a visit to Wovenflame's blog. She makes great bears! Oh, I wish I had kept up on my knitting that my mom taught me back in elementary school. I've been working on a silly little scarf for two years. I think I'm kind of slow. hehe!

Kim said...

Here are a couple of popular recipes you might want to try (or enjoy again) this Easter holiday, from NJFV: This from Geraldine.

Thank you Ruinwen for your kind words! You are THE most uplifting person I have met in blog~land :-)

Christine said...

Happy Easter! Love Ya Girlie!

ikkinlala said...

Happy Easter! (I wanted to say happy spring, but it really isn't spring here yet.)

I visited Yarn Ball Boogie, where I read: "This is an inspired piece. FINALLY. Women of the Elizabethan period wore ruffles and such to show their status in society and to get noticed." I'm not sure if I'd wear the scarf since I'm generally not the type for ruffles, but it is certainly very pretty.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Melanie Knits: Today Zander and I went to see Thomas the Train and take a ride in it. Here’s us in the train:

and then a picture follows!
Good to see you posting, by the way

Jen:) said...

I was popping over to say thank you for always being so uplifting to me! You are a good blog neighbor and I enjoy reading what you are working on so much.

And since I'm already here, I popped over to Domesticated Bloggage who has this to say: "I thought I'd finally get some images up of the last of the knitting I did for 2007"
And has inspired me to get some pics of what I've been working on up today :)
Thank you!!!