Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sea Witch

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Sorry I couldn't get this any clearer.

So I joined this fun KAL weeks ago and I just really got a block of time where I could swatch over and over until I found something that I liked this weekend.

Here is a scribble of my idea. This is an outfit for my niece consisting of a drawstring skirt with a ruffle edging and a matching top with elastic to hold it up and shoulder ties. I found a stitch pattern that was simple but eye catching. All you do is P3, K3, P3 into the same stitch every 10 stitches and switch the orientation of the clusters every 5 rows. Kind of a super trinity stitch.

I am using the Cotton Classic in the purple and pink. The skirt will be made with purple and accented in pink and the top will be in pink and accented in purple. These happen to be the color choices of my niece and I actually think they complement each other nicely.

Swatch for KAL

I really like this yarn. The pattern has little eyelets and makes a kind of mock lace. The cotton has good stitch definition and will be cool for summer.

I’ve named this outfit Sea Witch, because it is the translation of my niece’s name and she loves the water.

I’m starting each piece with a simple casing. The skirt will have eyelets on it for pulling the I-cording through. The top will have one hole hidden in the back for elastic cord to go through but it will be hidden on the wrong side and sewn up after the lace is inserted.

The goal here is no seams. I hate seams and having to match up sides and stuff. So there will be no seams on either piece. At the end of both the top and bottom I’m going to increase with yarn overs to make a place where another cord can go through and then knit for an inch or so to allow a nice ruffle to form. Finally I will knit off in picot edging to make a cute curly ruffle. My goal here is princess feminine.

So that is where I am. Sorry it took me so long to get going but hopefully I will have this finished by 4th of July…since I just missed my nieces’ b-day. :(

Happy crafting,

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