Saturday, March 03, 2007


The purpose of relationships is not happiness, but transformation."
-- Andrew Schneider

I haven't actually had a profound quote post in a while due to lack of time and focus so bear with me.

My DH pulled out his back pretty bad and has slowly been recovering. I am more then happy to do everything because he has always been there for me...but it does leave me a bit more tired then usual. (See below project and you can guess what I've been drinking boat loads of). :)

My BIL moved in with us and again I am happy to be able to have a home that has enough rooms to be a haven for others in need....but again all this testosterone is a little exhausting... :)

But in the midst of all this chaotic change is the strength of a community. The little cardinal in the tree reminded me of how people bring light and color and beauty to difficult times. I am so blessed to have wonderful family and friends. But this year I realized as people helped me in every way possible to lighten the temporary heavy load, that my community is like a warm blanket of love and support that I really only recently discovered.

Being in the center of town I meet a lot of wonderful caring people, where my son goes to school are the most beautiful giving people...just like all you wonderful knitters uplift and cheer me up daily with your comments and blogs.

Suddenly I feel transformed and light as if everything will be okay no mater what and that is a wonderful feeling.

So from the nice person who lets me in when I'm trying to merge into traffic to the cheerful person who answered my call at the IRS and made everything clear with a smile...and everyone in between...thank you for being there when I needed you. :)

I do believe that my blood is half coffee and half chai but whatever your is a little cozy for your cup. It is made to go over the cardboard holder and keep your precious crafting hands from accidently hitting the cup. A simple little stash buster...

So I am off to ram beads on a crochet needle and we'll see what comes of that...

Happy crafting,

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