Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I've Been Tagged

In catching up on my blogs I realized that I was tagged by chezchelle to tell six wierd things about me. I'm not tagging anyone since most people have done this already...but if you want to play then feel free. :)

1. I hate having a dirty sink. As I sit here right now away from home typing I am thinking of my dirty sink. I ponder if I will have time to wash them in betweeen going home, chipping ice and picking up my son to take to the LYS...do you think I could go home on my lunch hour and do it?

2. I dream about knitting. I frequently have dreams where I will be knitting and drop a stitch or something. I even take it a bit further as I will mentally go through a pattern I've memorized to relax in meditation. If only those rows counted!

3. I love paranormal romance. My book shelves can attest to this. I write stories about it. It is kind of an obsession of mine. I'm blessed with a very understanding (and most times a very encouraging) DH. ;)

4. I love Pokemon. I really, really do! Pikachu is my favorite while Bulbasaur will always hold a dear place in my heart since he was my very first...and we made it all the way to the Indigo plateau together.

5. I collect sugar packets. I have them from all over the world since I was about five. Everywhere I go I stuff two in my purse and friends always bring them to me so I have quite a huge collection.

6. I've always wanted a llama. Even before I started hardcore knitting I wanted a llama. I was told I was zoned for only one and I thought the little guy would get lonely so I have not acted on this dream of mine. I do frequently buy alpaca yarn...and my sis got me a minature llama which I just adore.

I know that there are scads of weirder things but I didn't want to give you TMI. :)

Happy crafting and remember the wierd stuff is what makes us all individuals!

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