Friday, January 12, 2007

Reversible Cable Shawl / Scarf

Reversible Cable Shawl / Scarf, originally uploaded by Ruinwen.

Yeah. I finished a project before the class! I even have the pattern done. I really had fun making this. I want to make it in something drapey and have it be more shawl like but c'est le vie. This is Cascaade 220.

So far I have not been a very good blogger...I really keep trying but I just can't get up before 6 am...I don't know why I suddenly need so much sleep.

In fact I seem behind in everything...I haven't even opened Christmas cards up yet. :(

• Finish shrug - done - pattern is done too
• Finish penguin - done - recipient liked it , said he had character
• Finish sheep - not done - my son has given me 'til Imbolic
• Work on crochet class I, II, III - 1 is totally done and I've taught it once
• Write up shrug pattern - see above
• Work up reversible cable class - done - that's why I'm posting

Since Jan is already a good way in, I'll be easy on myself.

* work on sheep
* work on clapotis for Bridget
* Finish dishcloth (this pattern is giving me all kinds of trouble - but I really want to figure it out and get it to Indigo)
* finish intermediate class in crochet
* start a simple tank top to go with shrug
* start poncho for Spring Fair

I didn't do too bad in Dec all things considered.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend. Happy crafting,


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