Sunday, June 24, 2018

Dressing Your Temple

I finished the prayer shawl and I am in love with the final product...absolutely smitten.  This shawl has such a good energy that I can feel it pulsating with compassion, kindness, and community.

It makes me happy to hold it in my hands.  I wanted to design a prayer shawl for a while now but nothing seemed right.  But I drew this pattern up in less than an hour.  Tested it, tweaked it and started knitting it on the same day.  That is very rare in my world.  I felt it was a nod from the PTB (Powers That Be) to go ahead.  And here it is back from its photo shoot looking fabulous!

To go off on a tangent here…most people have decorated their homes with memories, colors, and themes that make them happy or have a special personal meaning.  But with our temples, our bodies, sometimes we get into ruts and just wear the same things over and over in the name of comfort or lack of time.

I am so guilty of the comfort style look.  I get up early and work in a place with no one but a dog and an occasional visitor.  I would rather be comfy then spiffy but there gets to be a point where comfy becomes complacent and turns into more of nightwear then day wear…you know what I mean right?

I used to dress with energy in mind and pay attention to my daily colors; I believe color can change or enhance your mood.  One reason I love spring and fall so much is the colors.  After a long winter, those pops of color are a healing balm for the soul.  As the cooler days of fall come in and the trees start to turn it is like nature is pulling up a blanket and telling us to slow down Winter is Coming…lol

By implementing Daily Color you use your day of birth to calculate how you are going to dress your temple that day. 

For instance, if red is your color of the day it would mean it is an auspicious time to begin something or try something new.  Red for me is also the color of Aries so it has a more intense meaning.

You can try it out here if your interest has been peaked.  On special days I try to dress to my strengths and harmonize my colors with the Universe.  Also, I have a set of scarves that have all the colors in them for tucking into my purse on days when I can’t find a thing to wear in the right color.

Back to the is full of high vibration energy, connection with the divine through the crown chakra and the quiet energy of prayers and healing that come with the violet spectrum of color.  I hope that this shawl adorns the intended with good, holy, healing energy.

May your days be full of color and unexpected blessings!

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