Sunday, October 26, 2014


I have a fear of heights.  It is a rational fear; being high means one could fall...very...very...far.  In the beginning of playing Minecraft I used to get a pit in the middle of my stomach when I was up high. It was a normal fear response to being up high but in a game fear can be managed; much like it can in real life for some situations.

This is a picture of my house from up high in Captive Minecraft.  I pillared up and then used vines to create a ladder up to Sky Island #1.  As you can see I have worked through my fear a bit to be able to use this method.  Many a time I have fallen off my pillar and fell in the air a bit until I flail and find it again or fall to my death.  "Act don't react."  Xena said that in an episode where she was teaching someone how to deal with enemies attacking.  I find those words to be sage advice as I am falling.  If I do something I might survive, if I freak out...I probably won't.

Here is my home again from a second pillar up to the Burning Island.  As you can see I'm in the clouds now and really...really...really...high.  That is my house way down there; I was thankful the zombie pigman didn't push me off while I was getting this shot.  :)

Captive Minecraft has been a challenge and I really have been enjoying it this week.  But much like ESO I made some bad calls.  Instead of planting the sugar cane (the one piece I found) I used it to make sugar.  I forgot you needed two pieces of sugar to make cake and that has really screwed me up.

In Captive Minecraft you start with one block and a world border all around you.  This border moves every time you successfully complete an achievement a half of a square.  As you can see messing up one of the achievements can really cost you.  So I'm in limbo right now.  I'm mining out every piece of block that I can and my goal is to be able to see the world border in every area of my world.

I was worried when my cow suffocated herself in the border, but thankfully, another one was given to me and I was able to corral and breed them. 

This is a challenging but fun map.  At some point I settled down and made a house and a farm and did all the things that usually do when I play.  I figure the achievements will come as they will and I'm not in a rush.  In the meantime, I am having a good time.

I just received a villager.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with him yet.  :)

Have some knitting in the works but nothing to show yet.

I hope you have a graet week as we go out of Mercury's grip of crazy,
Happy crafting,

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