Sunday, October 12, 2014


This week we had a little visitor.  My son had to adopt a Flour Child for the week.  She can't be left alone and for all purposes she must be cared for like a real child.

From the beginning I tried to take this very seriously.  The lessons that can be learned from Amelia are important ones that children need to understand.

The school seems to be taking it very seriously too.  There is a day care in each class so while the kids are learning the babies won't suffer.

After the first day my son has been cradling her head and holding her in a way that she is supported. It makes me smile inside to see him so compassionate.

We were baby sitting while my son took a bath and I had to check on some laundry so I gave Amelia to "Grandpa" and when I came back he was rocking her back and sweet.

When we went out to the restaurant we had to get a high chair for her and when we went shopping we used a cart that had a strap for kids.

I found that she seems to be heavier today...they grow up so fast.  I also found myself talking to her like I used to do to my son when I carried him everywhere and learned to do almost everything one handed.

Amelia has brought out all my emotions.  We talked about adoption and choices and what family means.  My son answered with some pretty personal observations about me and her and life in general and I realize it makes me love him even more.  He is such a beautiful soul.

I was hit by the designing bug and decided to make some mitts.  I started with some cables in ribbing. The above shot is as far as I got this week, but I really like the way they are working up.  My sis had noted that the gloves I made last week were a little snug and we both agreed they would a good pair of jeans.  But, if I made the top side with some ribbed cables, then if it needed to be tighter it would and if it needed to be looser it could.

I imagined in my head when Amelia grew up what she would look like and pictured a girl who loved nature and played outside as much as she could.  I could see her auburn curls glinting in the setting sun as she watched a hawk in its nest or ran after a frog.

A girl like that would need some mitts to keep her hands warm as she headed home when the street lights came on.  A girl like that would appreciate the delicate cables that made the mitts seem a bit Fey...she might even make up stories about being a Faerie Princess visiting the Earthly Realm.

So I've named these mitts Amelia...for that spark of little girl in all us women that is connected to nature and believes anything is possible.

Bright blessings to you and yours,
Happy crafting,

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