Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mercury is in Retrograde

After checking here to see what Mercury was doing, I was actually relieved. See that tiny dot next to our beautiful sun, located a little south of the center; that is Mercury.

Everything this week has seemed like such a struggle that I was ready to just throw my computer through the window.

Mercury governs communication, clear thinking, truth and travel.  When it is in retrograde then you can expect all of these things to just run amok.

Even signing into my blog, something I have done thousands of times, was made impossible by Google deciding that I needed not one but two security checks that needed to be sent by text, before it would let me proceed.  Very frustrating.

Gah!  I really dislike passwords and creating new passwords and more and more things that I just can't remember.

And now I get an error code for goodness knows what.

I'm thinking I should just be happy I could get a few words in and stop there.

Mercury is in retrograde until the 25th...Goddess help me.

Happy crafting,

P.S.  Please ignore my grammar and sentence structure this week.  I just can't seem to put two words together in a cohesive fashion.  :)
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