Sunday, August 10, 2014

Jeepers Creepers

This week I went back to Minecraft after hubby fixed my Java issue that had prevented me from getting on. There are some new blocks that you get from an underwater temple and I wanted to play with them.  I thought I'd build a pool because I could light it with the new lanterns and the blue of the new prismarine blocks would be stunning.  And...I was right.

The problem began with the zombie.  I hadn't even filled the pool yet and a zombie jumped in...followed by some skeletons and a creeper.  They would not get out of my pool.  If I killed them, they just came back. So I built a wall around my house and pool that they couldn't get through and lit the whole place up so they couldn't spawn.  I had left an opening for a door and a witch kept walking in to.

Pool party at Ruinwens'! They are all around the perimeter of the wall now....except for the spider...he keeps coming back.  I need to fix that a bit later.

I've been thinking about this situation and how it applies to real life.  I have a lot of doubts about things. They continually creep around my head and sabotage my thinking.  I have to force myself not to think about them or I would lie awake at night and worry or fret over things I can't change.

When you are lying in your bed at 2 am it is not the time you can fix the mistake on your paperwork or make that follow-up call you forgot.  When those creepers come out to play in the pool of my consciousness I just have to wall them off from disturbing me.  I lay everything at the feet of the God and Goddess and just let it go.

And usually I take it right back in the next then I breathe light into the doubt and tell it I have noticed its presence but this is not the time for action.  Then I relinquish my attachment to it for the rest of the night.  Most times this ritual works and the next time I wake up it is morning.

Right now my little Minecraft pool is awash in light and clear and my ocean happy place in my head...if the creepers come back I will just let in more light.

Here is the Awesome Trellis completed...two of them actually.  One is made with sock-weight yarn and the other is DK weight yarn.  I really like this pattern and the effect of the flowers climbing the trellis.

I fixed the problem at the join by using cables.  They are easy to make and I never even used a cable needle.

We were going over the classes that I have worked on over the past three years and I realized that there really are a lot of them!  I need to polish up the patterns and get them up on Ravelry.  But this is where my creepers come back and say things like, "I bet there is a mistake," or "no one cares about your stupid little patterns."

It is harder to protect myself from these nagging doubts that creep through my mind on a daily basis.  Why is it so hard to believe in myself?  Why do I sabotage myself?  WHY?  :(


Don't mind me...I'll be hanging lanterns in the the recesses of my subconscious.

Happy crafting,
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