Thursday, May 08, 2014

What is Your Glyph?

My son had a project this week to make a glyph with three items that represent him.  They couldn’t be obvious; they were meant as a way to open discussion about him.

For instance a round circle could stand for a basket ball, a sunny day, a full moon or anything round.  The kids would have to ask questions and guess what the circle stood for.

I thought this was a fun little exercise and decided to try it for myself.

I first thought of a heart because I love hearts; they make me smile.  I love, love and romance and the bonds that form through friendship or a deeper love.  I love family and the idea of a bond that runs through generations of ancestors.  I love that anyone can be family.  I love that love can be extended simply through a purr or a hug.  True love is unconditional like the love the God and Goddess have for me; or how my Guides are always there even when I’ve left the path.  I love that two people can create something as beautiful and wonderful as a child.  I love to give to others; many say I wear my heart on my sleeve.  So a heart seems really appropriate for me and maybe too obvious to some. 

I think my second symbol would have to be a ball of yarn.  And really I can tie ;) that into so many things.  Cats love yarn balls; so in a way this honors my connection to my fur babies.  A ball of yarn is limitless potential to me; it can become anything.  It is more then just my knitting, crochet, weaving or anything else I do with it.  It connects me to my creativity; it allows me to design new things.  It allows me to teach and connect with the Community who in turn teach me.  It weaves my thread in with others who also enjoy the craft and have become part of my life.    The Alchemy that is involved to transform a ball of yarn into something new is magic to me.  A yarn is another word for a story; I love to write and even if it is only something that I do for myself, it still is a huge part of who I am.  This blog is my story and through it I am connected to people all over the world; talented wonderful people who inspire me every day.

My third symbol would have to be from a game, because we all know how much I love to game.  This one is hard since I have enjoyed so many games over the years.  There are three that really stick out lately; Pokemon, Elder Scrolls on-line (ESO) and Minecraft.  

Pokemon have been with me for what seems like my entire life.  I once had one refuse to release itself into the wild to stay with me.  

Minecraft is new but I really like creating something and playing with the family is always the most fun.  We have built such a beautiful base on our world.  

But the thing that really helped me get through the death of my parents was Skyrim part of the Elder Scrolls saga.  Being able to channel all that grief into fighting for people who needed me was very cathartic.  With ESO I get to play with my family and once again I find a deep sense of letting go in the game.  I love just looking for materials to craft with; it is so relaxing to me.  

We were introduced to the Elder Scrolls by my nephew back when he was playing Oblivion; he also introduced us to Minecraft so many years ago now.  I can play ESO with him as well even though he is miles away which, makes me smile…it makes all of us smile.  

But ESO is more to me because my husband works for the parent company.  It is more then just a game to us; it is a nod to all those creative people who put this amazing game together and we are a tiny part of that.  My husband loves his job and the people he works with.  They are a special group of people who care about their employees.  When it snowed they had hotel rooms ready for those that couldn’t make it safely.  They really care and all that resonates in the game for me; which is why my third symbol has to be from the dragon language of Tamriel; my last name is Silverdragon after all.  :)

So I would choose RO – BALANCE.  It was in the first shout I learned and balance is the glue that holds it all together.  Games balance me out, they are something I can do with their family and / or friends and they are fun.  And a little fun should be in everyone's life.

So there you go; hearts, yarn and balance…that is me in a symbolic nutshell.

What is your glyph?

Hugs and happy crafting,
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