Friday, November 05, 2010


This is Shadow our newest family member. My son fell in love with him the minute he saw his ad on the web. We went to the shelter that weekend and filled out all the paperwork and last night we brought home our sweet little kitty. He is a 5 month old male with tons of energy and a lot of pursonality.

The socialization of Widdershins and Shadow is moving slowly. She won't even go up to the level that Shadow is on...and that is where her food is. I know these things take time and we are letting the cats take this whole thing at their own pace.

Shadow is adorable even if he is a bit nippy right now. He never learned to play with others so this is all new to him. The toy we got him seems to be helping with that.

He has the softest black fur with just a hint of white. I'm already in love...nips and all. :)

This is the layette set my sis asked me to make sitting on top of my son's trick or treat bag...they went so well together I thought it would make a good shot. :)

As my DH always does he has changes planned for each piece which I will spend the next month figuring out. These booties were seamed and he wants me to make the feather-and-fan cuffs with my sock pattern...which should be totally doable. Next he suggested a eyelet band in the bonnet to match the cuffs of the socks...again doable without too much fuss. Finally we are scaling down the blanket to fit a carrier...and that just takes figuring out how may repeats are needed. So hopefully these changes can be easily made so that this can be a set at Spring Fling 2011.

Baby steps...

I hope everyone has a happy weekend!


KnitNana said...

Love your new addition!!!
And wow that's really's so pretty.

Rue said...

YAY! you got your kitty! Shadow looks like he'll grow up long and graceful like Greymalkin, I can't wait to meet him!

The layette set did turn out really well...she better like it or I'm keepin' that blanket. ;)

Geraldine said...

Oh such a gorgeous kitty! Mr. Ched is sitting on my lap and he seconds that. Such fun to have a new furry family member. Nips and all.

I LOVE that green, so intense.

Hugs, G

Sue said...

Love the layette and your pretty new kitty!