Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween / Happy Samhain!

there is a haunted house in town
where all the walls are tumbling down
where the cobwebs hang and the window shutters bang
and all the creatures gather round
…where the bats and cats and witches keep their skeletons in stitches as they sip their spider cider in the haunted house….
they’re there, they’re there they’re really there
watch out be careful and beware
oh beware
don’t you trick or treat or you’re the one they’ll eat
when the moon shines on the haunted house.

Sis...this is just for you... because we both know all these little ditties from camp and school. And we burst into song all the time. Love the Siiiister!

Have you ever woke up and felt like a totally different person?

When I woke up on Sunday...I felt vibrant and full of light. I'm not sure really why. We spent Saturday with friends at the local farm doing all kinds of Fall things; surviving the corn maze, burying my son in the corn pit, petting farm animals, jumping on a big pillow, picking pumpkins and drinking cider and eating pumpkin pie. It was a great day. The weather was perfect.

On Sunday I decided we should decorate for the season. We haven't done that in a while because of trying to keep the peace between the families. After talking to my BIL I realized that I give in too easily to other's demands in lieu of my own. My peace-at-any-price attitude is most times the wrong action to take.

So Sunday I woke up did my FB stuff then started the new Sunday ritual of doing something spiritual for an hour. I ended up doing a tarot reading which more or less told me that I was on the right track.

Why is it so hard to do something good for ourselves; yet we are so quick to act for others?

After my reading I got out the decorations and with help from my son and DH we had quite a good time making the house all spooky for All Hallows Eve.

It felt good to do something so ridiculously simple.

I wish you and yours a blessed All Hallows Eve...and if you celebrate...Happy Samhain!



Rue said...

Heeeee! :D I am singing along in my head ('cause if I sang in my cubible everyone would wonder about me...moreso than they do)

I was so glad to see you just went and put up your decorations, and can't wait to spend Halloween with you I just have to figure out what to come as (and what I've got that fits)!


Birdsong said...

This post makes me sooo happy! I love the green cobwebs, your happy smile, and the lighter feeling you are having. We love Halloween around here for the cultural holiday, though this year I can feel how very thin the veil between the worlds really is. Blessings of the season:)

Geraldine said...

It's so nice to finally put a face to the voice! How lovely you look R.

Isn't decorating for holidays fun, I love what you've done. It's been a long time since we've had our own home to decorate but the decorations are still waiting for future use. Soon...hopefully....

I agree about sometimes finding it hard to be good to ourselves first, but heh, we deserve it, don't we? Just like always taking the portion of cake etc, that fell apart, what's that all about!!!!

Hugs R and BFN, G

PS: Great to read re: the book.

KnitNana said...

Things will be better now...I hope!