Friday, June 04, 2010

Endings and Beginnings

This week went by so fast after our friend and family full weekend that I barely had time to breathe much less come up with a meaningful post. I’m a little behind in a lot of things but that is okay.

I completed a goal that I’ve been wanting for myself for four years and it felt really good. I always like to begin and end with a ritual for most things. I believe in honoring the cycles that our lives go through on this journey. To celebrate the joy of being a Mother yet moving on to a place where I will not be having more children (knock on wood…cross your fingers…say a prayer) I wanted to get my belly pierced. I know that sacred transitions always come with a little pain and a change that is more inward then outward and this is something I’ve wanted to do for some time now.

So I went with my BFF and it was a rite of passage ripe with tears, fun and pretty new sparkly things that remind me that while I’m not perfect…I’m an awesome Mom. And my body was amazing to gift me with the two children it did. And I will be and ever am thankful to the whole amazing process of the creation of new life.

That said. This is for me. It doesn’t mean I’m wearing low shirts or anything. For the most part it is my secret only shared with a few friends who understand the meaning and importance of this simple act.

So meet my new phantom quartz crystal. This may seem like a simple thing but again it just a seed for something quite bigger then I ever thought possible. I’ll try and give you more on all that later on in the year when it makes sense to me. lol

Phantom crystals help to realign our actual self with our auric template. As a crystal with exact copies of itself inside it puts out an amazing amount of energy. Mine has seven phantom layers…which correspond to the chakras and the auric fields of the body. I could not be more pleased in this crystal. :)

I’ve been keeping up with my goals and finished another square on the MAK blanket and got another few squares done on Dianna too. I’ve got a knot on the board that I’ve been working on but this week has flown by and I never got to finish it…but that is what weekends are for.

Oh and in my off moments I’ve been learning sacred geometry. Shown above is the Flower of Life. Pretty neat stuff.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

And I almost forgot....the winner of the Celtic knot book is Geraldine! Congrats! Send me your address by e-mail okay...please and thank you! :)
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