Monday, December 04, 2006

Finding Serenity in Chaos

This was the first weekend in so long that I went to bed on Sunday feeling a sense of harmony. That’s not to say the weekend didn’t have its ups and downs but I was able to meet them with grace and not kicking and screaming. And let me tell you it is a good feeling. :)

I’ve been so crazy as of late that I had forgotten how to let go. But (deep breath) I am remembering how to find serenity again amidst the chaos of life thanks to this weekend. Funny how something so normal and insignificant can make you feel whole again. So can rows upon rows of merino. Ah merino…

This is the pin wheel blanket that I’ve wanted to finish but other things got in the way. Notice the picot edging. I have fallen in love with this edging. And I think it is a good part of why I feel so serene; silly as that may be.

Here is Mom’s new lap blanket with (you guessed it) more picot edging. This time I was going for a rolling edge and I really like it. I used SWT soy and EL silky wool. I have to make something else that I can put this edging on…

“Don’t look at me,” says the penguin.
“Not me either,” says the sheep.

Oh well…you both have to sleep sometime… (heh)

Okay so I guess I need to update since this is a new month and all.


* Finish shrug – never got to
* Make another dishcloth - done
* Make a penguin – almost done
* Work on pinwheel blanket - done
* Work on sheep – never got to
* Make another lap blanket – done

I’m really not going to complain considering how crazy November was.

• Finish shrug
• Finish penguin
• Finish sheep
• Work on crochet class I, II, III
• Write up shrug pattern
• Work up reversible cable class

I guess after seeing my goals you might have a question or two. I decided to teach crochet at the LYS and I’m making a blanket of stitches that you can make in three parts or two or whatever your desired skill level is. I have always crocheted in between my knitting so I think this provides a nice break for me.

Also because of some slander at another knitting shop about my ability as a teacher which I will not rant about since I am feeling so darn serene today…I have decided to go for my TKGA Master Knitter title. I know it will not be easy but knowing is half the battle (yo Joe) and I would rather be knowledgeable then fight someone who feels they have to demean others.

***Thank you for everyone's prayers and good thoughts. They mean so much to me!***

***I wanted to send Von, Sue and Denise a special shout out. Thank you for the lovely dishcloths! I love them!***

***Also for all you gamers out there…may this serve as a warning…the Wii is so much fun that you will find it hard to put it down…if only I could knit with it!***

So whatever you celebrate (Chrismahannukwanzawalisolstice) I hope the seasons bring you serenity within the chaos that warms your heart and enriches your soul.

Happy crafting,

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