Monday, May 16, 2005

Me at our Table

Me at the Table, originally uploaded by Ruinwen.

Hello everyone! We had an awesome time this weekend! The Fair was so much fun and we met some super people!

Here I am at our table which is full of my husband's beautiful chain mail bracelets!

To my right (your left) is the clapotis for Sallee's Red Heart Knit Along which I raffled off. A lovely little girl won who asked her Mommy to enter so she could have two chances! Also many people said what a great idea it was to have the info about heart disease...including an RN!

My sister joined us for both days and she got a lot of crocheting done as did I and it was so great to have her there! My husband made three bracelets over the course of the weekend! It was so relaxing to have nothing to do but sit and talk to people and craft.

My son was with us both days and he was very good for being cooped up in a 10X10 booth.

We're already looking forward to this Fall!


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