Sunday, March 08, 2015


Irony is when you get up at the crack of dawn as a family and go outside with shovels and pix axes and other implements of destruction and chip away at the ice so that the kids will be safe walking on the side walk, only to find out when you get back inside that they closed the schools.

We have had some harsh weather this winter and I've really felt bad for my work dog's walker.  It takes a lot to walk dogs in snow and chip away at frozen water dishes.  Her heart is as big as they come so I wanted to do something to make it a little easier for her.

This is Caitlin, the versatile little cowl that you can pull up to cover your nose or act as a hood.  It will keep your neck warm on those blustery days and it is vibrant with color reminding us that spring will come...eventually.

I made it with 480 yards of  Frolicking Feet Transitions in the Summertime colorway.  This yarn is so yummy!  I have loved watching the colors change.  The blues are so vivid they help me to remember what a sky looks like when it is not grey and dripping with ice.

I also have some Coastal Crusin'.  I'm planning to make a second cowl out of it because I will probably end up giving one to my friend.

This cowl is user friendly.  It has a simple repeat of four rows of gentle ribbing with a CF4 cable dancing in between the columns of color.

Look for the pattern on Ravelry in a few weeks.  I have my fingers crossed for a professional shoot. How cool is that?

So, I have to tell you about something that I just have fallen in love with: 24me.  This is a little app that all of a sudden has just changed my life in so many ways.  First of all, it is hard to define what it it a calendar?  yes it a reminder?   yes...can it store lots of notes in one place and allow me to sort them into categories that are easy to find later? yes...can I ask it to remind me to call someone to schedule something?  Yes...yes...and yes...and so much more.

It all started with my post its.  I had tons of them all over with notes about different things that I needed to remember but I kept losing the notes.  I put all of them into 24me and now they are sorted and I was able to add reminders and other things to them as well.  That was awesome!  I feel like I just completed a Herculean task organizing all those notes!

I set up a grocery reminder that I can add items to. When I run out of something it goes on the list for later.  I set up appointments with a call reminder set up the day before to make sure everything is on schedule.  I feel giddy...its like having my own little personal assistant.

I was talking about helping my focus a few posts ago and this little app does that!  It moves any task I don't complete to the next day and it doesn't get lost in an abyss somewhere.  I'm only using a fraction of what it does do...but this is enough to really help me schedule my life a little better.

I feel great: a post, a project and a new pattern all in one!  Yay for focus!  Hugs everyone and stay safe and warm.

Happy crafting,

I am not afflicated with 24me or Frolicking Feet I just adore both of them.  :)
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