Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Yule!

by Ruinwen

Oh tiny Jesus, lying in a manger.
Oh tiny Horus, cradled in Isis's arms.

Oh tiny Pryderi, suckling at Rhiannon's breast.

Oh tiny Persephone, Demeter is overcome with joy.

Oh tiny Bacchus, Semele love shines upon you.

Oh tiny babe, child consort of the Goddess.

Ameratsu comes out of her cave,

And the world is once again new.

I welcome back the Sun

With outstretched arms

And a receiving heart.
I welcome back the Sun
To be reborn in my soul.

I welcome back the Sun

Who breathes back

Warmth and life into my existence.

May your Light become mine

As we grow as One.






The God,


Today become reborn through me.

As the Light returns,

May my soul ignite with its beauty and life.

May the Light fill me with it's newness

And renew my life's purpose.

Thank you for the courage and passion

That your sacred fires bring.

Thank you for the warmth that has returned

A sense of goodness and peace this night to the world.

*Whatever path you follow may the blessings of the season be yours this day and every day.*
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