Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Coming Up For Air

Sorry its been so long since my last and all you know. :)

Yule Throw

I crocheted this granny square blanket for mindless crafting. I like the way it came out. I mixed the glittery yarn in for a festive touch.

Slip Stitch Baby Blanket

Here is a slip stitch baby blanket I am making. It called for two strands and it really hurts my hands. I tried a single strand version and it still looks as nice. So next time I won't use two strands. It is a fun pattern in which you carry the yarn in back when you are on the front and in the front when you are on the back. This way the front stays all pretty.


The amazing John was having a sale and I scored some lucious Malabrigo. The pic does it no justice and you can't feel how soft it is either. But it is the most amazing merino I have ever touched and I just can't wait to find something worthy of its amazing texture.


And...of course there are socks. I want 10 pair for the Fall Fest and here are 3 done and one on the needles. And I started them last week on I feel that this is a possible goal.

Well that's it. DH has to go back in for knee surgery 'cuz they missed something so keep him in your thoughts please.

Happy crafting everyone,

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