Sunday, July 22, 2018

Musings Amid Bubbles

So this came to me in the shower today and I couldn't stop rhyming until I wrote it down.  Imagine a beat or snapping fingers...which is more of a beatnik thing...but you get the gist.

Hey, I’m not a rapper so this might not rhyme
But all existence has a beat; you just have to keep time.

I find myself halfway through this dance
Still enchanted by rainbows and romance

All those words people say
About kindness is the better way

Through and through
Those words are true

I can live that grind
Make each day sublime

But after all this distance
It's in the temple I get resistance

In a hurry
All that worry

Can weigh me down
Make it hard to turn my frown around

I’m not a poser
Just a composer

Of my destiny
It needs to be nurtured carefully

Dreams need room to grow
Even if troubles come like an undertow

Trying to drag you down
Stand your ground

For what you believe
Don’t be deceived

When you dress
To impress

Is it the real you?
The one with true value

Or a mimic of a self
That you take off a shelf

To show the world a different mask
For each type of task

That you face in your day-to-day
But is this the only way?

Did anyone tell you, you get to choose?
What passion gets to be your muse

If things aren’t going your way
Don’t take it out on the next player in the play

You can rewind
And be kind

Make a smile
Your new lifestyle

You choose
To refuse

Or accept a way of being
That is totally freeing

From all that negativity and strife
Generate a healthier life

All that stuff I don't need, I dismiss
Instead, I choose to live my bliss.


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