Sunday, June 07, 2015

And Now For Something Pink

Caitlin's Caitlin is fini!

I am very happy to have a FO to show you this week.  I really like the way Caitlin's Caitlin came out.  This yarn came all the way from Italy and it really has some rich tones to it.  Yay!  I hope she likes it!

So this is what I'm working on now.  Just a little dabbling to see if my numbers were right.  This is Nightfall from FibroFibers.  It is a yarn that starts in one color and works into the second color gradually.  The effect is stunning and I have been chomping at the bit to try it.

There is something almost magical about a yarn that changes colors gradually.  You get to enjoy each stage as the hues shift and blend and then change color again.

When I knit with yarn like this I am reminded of all the journeys that I have taken where the steps themselves were almost more important then the final result.

I'm not sure if my numbers are going to work out on this one, but we will see...and in the mean time I get to play with lots of pink!

This week has been gray and dismal.  I really want to send the rain somewhere it is needed...but c'est le vie.  The constant dark skies have made it very hard for my internal clock to stay set and I find myself dozing off early when I get home after work.  It has been hard to stay awake past 9.

So here we are at the weekend and I just want to sleep...but there is knitting to do and blood fiends to find...we have never found any.  I did find some werewolves and now my character is one...but is all steps on the journey right?

Happy crafting,

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